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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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10 years later…
The Daniels has been blessed with a handsome boy who is not only their pride but he was doing brilliantly in school too; in fact, he is in the best across the country. The home could not have been more blessed than this; lines kept falling in perfect places and they revelled in it. Like every other day, the driver took Daniels junior to school with the routine of returning at the early hours of the afternoon to pick him up. He noticed that he felt sluggish, which was never in his nature. He drove him straight home and after informing his mother who attended to him, she asked him to go to his room for his nap.

It was time to end his siesta so the nanny went up into his room to wake him up only to send a deafening scream that almost shook the mansion out from his room. Daniels junior lied down cold, discoloured, and lifeless on his bed. He was dead and when the mother came into the room, she became senile. She acted like a lunatic, calling her dead son as if he could hear her. She kissed him and talked with anguish as she became inconsolable. It was a scene never before seen. No one could separate her from her dead son. The whole house was filled with gloom, as workers were distraught and shaken as well. Finally, the steward called the boss and instructed him to return home immediately. He could not say what had happened, but the tone showed to him that it was disastrous. On getting home and seeing his pale wife still holding on to their dead son, he crashed into the floor like a pack of fallen flour bags. He knew his life had jus vanished before him.

The ambulance finally called on with the police and detectives coming in first. Mrs Stone had lost her senses. She fought to hold on to her dead son and after she had been induced, she looked vainly into the empty spaces. Detectives sprang into action and interrogated everyone in the mansion. Eventually, the got a lead from the chauffeur who gave the information that he was feeling sick from school. The next day, the school was visited and after several questionings of both staff and Daniels junior’s classmates, they got a clue that Daniels junior got a lunch pack at lunch, which was claimed to have been sent by the mother. A call was placed through to the mansion and it was confirmed that at no point had the sent him lunch in school as the always packed him sandwiches and juice from home with apples.

The detectives with the aid of the hidden camera at the school were able to detect the woman who gave Daniels junior his last meal. The tape was showed to the stones and Mr Daniels was able to identify the lady in red, who was subsequently arrested after autopsy confirmed that he had died of food poisoning. It was at this point when the video was showed to the family that Mrs Stone knew of the adultery, pregnancy, and money paid for abortion. As the lady in white revealed after questioning that her motives was to be the heir to Mr Daniels wealth as she had been caring for his 10 ear old daughter alone. She said that Mr Daniels had refused responsibility and given her money for abortion, which she collected but refused to abort. Her daughter was only a few months older than the late Daniels she killed!

After hearing this, there was no way Mrs Stone was going to forgive her husband, whom she now despises so much, she felt like killing him. She could not stop thinking of how he had fooled her after ears of marriage and then have her only son killed by his lover. It was impossible to believe all the set up claims and this was why she filed for a divorce and the papers right on the table waiting for his signature. Although, investigation and DNA tests further prove that Mr Daniels was not the father of the alleged daughter by the lady in white who now faces life imprisonment for the killing of the young Daniels junior, which did not mollify to Mrs Stone from withdrawing the divorce.


Thanks for reading,