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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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You are here: Home / , PANDORA'S BOX: THE ITINERANT SHE-WOLF. (3)


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It was some minutes past five in the morning when he woke up to the sight of a strange woman who spread her naked beside him with her bum to his face. He was so disconcerted he fell to the floor at the sight only to realise that his shorts were off and his penis dangling between. He was petrified as he imagined what could have happened; he remembered nothing from the previous night or how this had happened. Stood up and angrily tapped the lady beside him to wake up. As she turned still sleepy, he realised it was the lady in white.
“So it is you? What happened here? Answer me! What did you do to me?” he snapped.
With a satisfied smile on her face, “Do not tell me you do not remember anything from the previous night. Well, you sure know how to please a woman and gosh, they do not call you a tiger for nothing. It is a pipe you got down there.” attempting to touch it.
“Get off me you bitch. Now I remember. You must have drugged the drink you gave to me. You are a shameless bitch and I will make you pay for this. I will deal with you. So you raped me?” Without hiding the shame of the question, he said.
Still smiling, she said, “Better bring your voice down. Yes, I drugged you but I did not force the drink into your mouth; did I? Why did you not refuse to drink it? Moreover, who is going to believe you? Everyone one saw us walk out at the pool together and you did not look drugged. If you are not careful, I will make this a scandal that you raped me after you pleaded I help you to your room. Before you prove your innocence, your stock will come crashing down fast and you will lose all you own even your wife will leave you. Just imagine this headline ‘the business tycoon rapes after using drugs!’”
It was all clear to him that she had this all planned out from the start. “Will you keep my wife out of this you bitch? For your own good stay away from me else I will crush you and make you regret this day and it is no threat.”
“Well, I advice you start by going to wash your self because you smell of pussy so your wife does not find out when you get home. Let me thank you for making me cum all over you severally; I was so satisfied though you were unconscious.”

Without saying a word, he walked into the bathroom and took a shower thinking what evils he had just gotten into. He took his time and washed as if he could wash her off him as if it never happened. When he was done with towel tied firmly to his waist, he met the full nakedness of the lady in white as she flaunted her full curvy body. It gave him a scandalous temptation to grab her and pounce on her but he promptly blocked that thought off his mind as he slid into his briefs, which revealed his hard-on for she was sat opposite him with legs spread wide as she touched herself. He resisted and dressed up leaving the room without saying a word.

As he drove home, he tried to replay the event in his head but all he could remember was the last drink and from then, everything was blank. He recalled he had a premonition that she was trouble from start and that was why he tried to avoid her with his bathroom stunts. He thought of her words on making her cum and it boosted his ego briefly wondering how his unconscious self could have done a good job but he was ashamed that a woman had not only drugged him but also raped him. This creep him out and dented his manly ego as well as showed his stupidity thinking how brilliant he thought he was. He should not have taken the drink from her but he remembered she had taken it from the service guy as he approached. When did she slip the drug in? Anyway, he was glad that the episode was over and how he had made it clear to her to steer clear off him so he was sure no one else was ever going to find out.

It was as if a new spirit descended on him. He became more passionate and paid more attention to his wife who was enjoying the romance as well. He was as confident of himself as he began to rock his wife daily. He would close early just to go have an intimate session with her and she soon forgot her worries. This went on for months and he could not hide his joy for his business too began to experience an exponential growth, which gave him more excuses to shower her with gifts that are more expensive. In his usual custom, he came home early to meet his wife with a diamond necklace as a surprise but was perplexed to see her sat on the bed with tears in her eyes. He began to tremble for he thought the lady in white must have gotten across to her. In his head, he swore by the heavens to kill her as he summoned the courage to ask what was wrong. “Sugar crunch, why have you got tears on your cheeks?”
With a keen straight look, she held her head up saying, “Daniels how could you do this to us…to me? Why have you decided to make me pay for loving you?”
Confused, he thought he had to confess. “Baby I am sorry. It is not what you think. I still do not understand how it happened…”
“Well, it has and I cannot keep it to myself anymore. What you have done to me is too serious to hide because today, I was told that I am finally carrying your son. Thank you for putting your child in me honey. Now, the world knows I am not barren.” As the tears flowed down her cheek as she broke the news.
...to be continued