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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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After several harassment by cult boys each time I went visiting a few catches I made, I finally got my first break. I am not going into details but boy I felt good. I was on top of the world and I kept going back for more. Thankfully, information had thought me to stay latex, which I was not going to compromise but sadly, my free meal was taken. For some reason she just did not want me anymore despite saying how nice I am. As you can imagine, I was devastated and it took me time to get over it. Well, after she left, the floodgate opened and I wondered where they were all coming from. I quickly learnt that girls only offered where they could also take from. By this, I do not mean money or materials. Women are wired to invest where they see prospects and potentials, which could be power, influence, or help; that is why a powerful nonentity will attract women. Women need to feel secured.

However, I knew I was not wowing any lady as they could not hide their disgust after I came out as soon as I went in. I began to ask questions again and Tboy will boast of his hour’s long sex. He says women love a lasting feel but here I was dispatching sooner than a post boy was. I was so unhappy; I started reading more and a few years after, I understood why women love a lasting feel of every deep encounter.

Remember I said earlier that for women it was more of the before and after whereas for men it is about offloading and satisfying our urge. Now, this is where the problem lies. Most times when men are done, women are just gearing up to two, which leaves them utterly dissatisfied. I began to understand from studying their body that it takes a woman approximately between twenty-five to thirty minutes to climax; another problem because men only lasts between one to fifteen minutes, which by all standards is poor!

Let me briefly explain the before and after thing. I am not talking to those women who pretend not to love sex because everyone does. I am talking to the real people. Men, you need to prep women. You need not only show that you love her but that having her makes your world sparkle by showing you are not using her either. Prior to the occasion, you need to let them know how beautiful they are and how much you desire to have an intercourse with them. Send her erotic messages every time rather than waiting to see her before she gets wet. Tell her specifically what you want her to do to you such as sexual teasing dance, twerking, and let her know how beautiful she looks in that lingerie.

Do not let anyone fool you; talking about sex is very important because it not only encourages openness, creates immense sexual chemistry, but you also get to know how she likes it i.e. whether rough, gently, fast, or slow, and if you pay attention, you will know what turns her on. Therefore, do not just have sex with her in your head alone. Once she begins to open up to you on these details, you begin to win her trust. This is why many works go into preparing her mind because sex is a psychological thing to her – she needs to embrace the idea of having you.

The after is definitely more important to her than the before or during. Let us assume you did the before amazingly because if you do not, there will not be a “during” or an “after.” However the after is the most important thing to her and she will be watching out for how you react after having the cherry. Truly, she has given in to you but she needs to know if it is worth an after party. It is this ‘after’ that will determine whether she will be comfortable with you and make you her home or not. Here, the little things count! Are you going to grab her as if it is a thanksgiving after, hold her close to cuddle and show that you appreciate her or just going to stand like it is a competition and leave her to clean the plate? In my opinion, this is when you treat her like a queen and not like a trash. Otherwise, you are the trash!

For emphasis sake, the “during” is equally imperative; so you must do an impressive job. Whatever you do, make sure you make her decision worth her while for she does not just let anyone lay a pipe on her land; she chose you out of expectation. Do not lose focus. At this point, you are the overlord. Punish her in a good way; treat her as if she has been a bad student. Go deep with her treasure on your face and show that you are the best with your cunnilingus until you feel her river flow. Then rock her hard and steady until she cascades with all the loving you can muster.

Master your body so you do not explode before you take her to destination. Make her love the way you handle her by giving her an experience. Each time has to be as if it is your first and last with her because that is the key to making her want more. Let her quake until she screams to the heavens thankful for your name – do not be offended if she is not the screaming type. At least be sure there is a reaction whether in rhythm of movement or grabbing and holding of something.

I hope you can deduce my point so far. If not, do not forget this last paragraph if you picked nothing from all the aforementioned. Sex is not only good but it revitalises, reduces stress, and creates a synergy between your partner and yourself. Science researchers have also revealed that having sex releases hormones like serotonin and endorphins, which allows human to think faster and become happier. Consequently, you need to communicate with each other by breaking the language barrier. It is vital that you help each other. If your partner is bad, help them get better. Trust me some women can be unbearably terrible in bed; they just lack rhythm. However, do not let us forget that at a point in our lives, we were extremely appalling and some people just bore with us.


It is your sex doctor for today,