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Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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BETRAYAL is a word that just pricked my senses today for no particular reason that I can readily point to but I hope in the course of writing this; I can pick out that reason that stirred up the attraction for the subject. In the mean time, I am certain that the word betrayal is not a strange word to any of you reading this now because at some point or the other, we have felt the full wrath of it and boy, it stung so bad that many still cannot get over the pain. Even if we have not been a victim to this monster directly, we know someone who has.

For the purpose of those who do not even know what it is, maybe because you are from another planet or God has been too good to you to deal not that card to you, BETRAYAL is in simple terms, helping the enemy, which by all standards is a treacherous thing to do. In my books, it is the most indecorous thing to do to anyone as it disappoints all hopes or expectations placed in a person through trust. Betrayal therefore, is a cruel deserting of a person who lays it all bear to one in full confidence that one will cover them, which is usually unforgivable because most times, the deserted person never lives to tell the story.

That being settled by making sure we are all on the same page, let me point out here that I am not talking about a sense of betrayal like the feeling of being betrayed by one’s dog because they temporarily go on their personal mission. I am referring to an actual manifested betrayal like that suffered by Julius Caesar in the hands of his friend Marcus Brutus who connived to kill him along with other Roman senators at the theatre of dreams (we only win trophies there by the way) Pompey.

Consequently, it is safe to say that betrayal comes from the hands of a trusted person. Someone we love so dearly, whom we have spent an appreciable time of our lives with, someone who knows us too well and often our confidant, which is why it hurts so much. It is betrayal because we least expected it, never prepared for it, and as such caught off guard at our most vulnerable moment. It is a brutal reality revealing that we have been dining with the devil unawares. A stranger can never betray one for we hold no expectation of them. Our friends, families, and loved ones are the ones who usually betray us.

They get to betray us because they are often times masters of deception. They win over our hearts with calculated heroics, which they might even have set up to draw us nearer to them after they have won our trust then they begin to deceive us with everything about them. I mean it is impossible to doubt an individual who saves us from an impending disaster or delivers us from the snare of destruction, which results in opening up to them. They use this edge over us to lead us astray.

However, there are others who did not set out to harm us but along the way, during our relationship with them, they get irredeemably jealous of our successes or achievements, which we gleefully and ignorantly share with them and begin to plan for our downfall. Some are those who are influenced by external forces who recognise the envy in our ally and feast on it like Brutus who let Allen Cassius that was jealous of Caesar’s power, convince him. Others are just natural agents of betrayal just like Judas Iscariot who betrayed our Lord for a paltry sum.

No matter who might have betrayed us and how they might have executed this traitorous act, it is important that we pick ourselves up fast if it does not kill us. As a result, we must first forgive ourselves for trusting them because it is not our fault that they ruined the privilege; they are just bad mannered. No doubt, it is a bitter thing to suffer, but we must be strong enough to ensure that we do not give them the opportunity to make us suffer such agony again by taking the power of control back.

Furthermore, we must pray so that we can heal quickly from the pains. It is important to pray so that our mind can be serene as well. More crucially, we must pray for the grace to forgive them, which is hard but we need to so that we do not turn into them once vengeance starts to eat us up but rather be strong enough to forgive them though not forget what they did to us, but so that we keep our sanity. Forgiving them helps us to see their incompetence, while not forgetting what they did, helps us to define our relationship with them.

Once we can achieve these, it is time to move on, to redefine our values and relationships. I do not know what form or betrayal you have suffered from or from whom and how big the deed is, but I do know that for you to read this, means you are alive; thus, bigger than that pain and you can overcome it!

Yours faithfully,