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Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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After, I had seen October 1, it was time to see another movie. I had set out to watch The Equalizer until I got to the cinema and everyone wanted to see Dracula. So I got confused. Dracula definitely is my type of movie from the preview. You know those vampire movies give me that tingle and I often times wish I were superman or a vampire especially since the Twilight series. However, I could not take a pass on a movie by Denzel Washington – we are talking about a legend here. The time did not help matters as they were both showing at the same time on different screen. If you do not already know, I have no ubiquitous status. Thankfully, with the encouragement of Tolu – a cinema staff, I settled for my Denzel movie. For the records, Tolu does not like me so do not ask questions.

I settled into the cinema room showing my movie in time and it was a scanty hall. In some way, I was pleased as I know from previous experiences, the less the crowd, the less issues to deal with from our uncouth Nigerians. After their usual adverts, the movie began and boy from the start, I knew I was being served a hot movie. This is an A-list movie; one you concentrate on while watching. The type you soak in and savour every word, every scene, every movement, every moment. This was a top draw. It is like watching Manchester United play against Real Madrid in America. It is straight from Hollywood. There was no messing around.

The Equaliser is not just action packed but strangely comical. It is not anything close to a comedy. It is a classic action movie with a captivating story not the type you will doze on but it had many funny reactions, speeches, and actions by the cast. Denzel was exceptionally magnificent in this movie. He defied age and showed moves that will make Jason Stratham buckle up. He brutally killed the movie as he did many in the film. He showed the kind of intelligence that motivates the ordinary man.

His defender role he took up later in the movie, sat just perfectly with him. It brought out the monster that even the devil himself lost his fear factor. He was sublime. As I watched Denzel, he filled me with memories of a legend that is still going to be around for a long time. He is the man on fire again. His dress sense in the movie was impeccable. He was caring, meticulous, perceptive, and filled with immeasurable wisdom in the movie. Sometimes he was like Robin wood only that he restored what had been taken from the poor. His confidence was not just intimidating but infectious. What I loved most about it is that he was just a normal man around the corner. One you had no reason to pay attention too.

While Denzel was exhibiting his brilliance revealing he is a masterpiece, there was a first rate elf behind me showing how inane a man can be. He was incredibly provocative and unbearable. I wondered how we could be so few yet have room for someone impolite in our midst. Anyway, we only need twelve to find a Judas and this annoying man was doing a good job at showing how crass one can be.

First, his phone rang and he picked it. Immediately, I turned and as I was about to talk, his wife or girlfriend who is more sensible tapped him and he promptly ended the call. How selfish can people be? My phone never rings because I put it on silence. I even had an international call and I did not even think of picking it because it is wrong to receive calls in the movies. I could have stepped out but did not want to miss any moment since I had no power to rewind the movie.

As if he had set out to irk me, or just make me pay for making him end his call, he started to kick my chair and after a few glances at him, he put his smelly feet on the chair next to me. It was at that moment I was praying his foot touches my arm; thankfully, it did not because I do not think I can beat him up oh. He is a six-footer. He would just have thrown me like a ball. I pray he never reads this because I am sure he marked me.

When next you find time, go see the gracious Denzel in Equaliser. It will be money well invested. His supporting cast also pulled off outstanding performances. This truly is a movie with no flaws.

Trust me, I will be giving you review of Dracula soon. I am saving for it.