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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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“You are just being modest Daniels… oh my bad… Mr Stone. Sorry I was getting too familiar…”
Daniels quickly interrupted saying, “Be my guest, and indulge yourself. Moreover, we are in a social gathering… the official stuff gets boring you know?”
“Thank you Daniels. I was saying your reputation speaks for you…the youngest billionaire of our time; you are also the youngest man to become a billionaire. You also have yourself a dashing woman for a wife who loves you and I must say you are way handsome in person and you have got style.” Said the lady dressed in white.
Daniels feeling at ease now grinned, “Young lady, flattery will take you nowhere. I told you not to believe all you read. Well, you forgot to add that my marriage is still without a child but I am a happy man.”
“I am sorry about that but maybe God will answer your prayers tonight” as she looked straight into his eyes.
“Please forgive me; I need to use the toilet will be right back.” As Daniels stood and walked away.
He took his time, as his intentions were to avoid the flirting he has been experiencing so he peed, washed his hands for several minutes than usual, and even starred into the mirror for the fun of it. On his account, this was the longest he has ever spent in a public toilet as he realised he has been in for an half time break of a football match after checking his Hublot wrist watch. He thought to himself that someone must have finally taken the woman for company so he walked out confidently.

However, he was stunned to find her elegantly placed on the seat next to his holding two cups of champagne in her hands and looking poised for action. He cleared his throat as he took his seat. “The men here must be blind to still have you sat here.”
“I doubt that they are for I got my eyes on you alone. By the way, what took you so long? I was almost going to call the rescue team. I hope you did not go jerk off?” she whispered. “Anyway, have yourself a cold drink to revitalise your lost grams.”
This strange woman especially her effrontery amazed Daniels as he alleged that, “Boy, you so gross. Why would you let your mind run wild like that? I was doing no such thing and only wanted to take my time. I really do not plan on taking any drink again tonight but so you do not give another meaning to it, I will take just this cup from you.”
She gave such an appealing smile while she said, “I can see that you are a perfect gentle man as well.”

As soon as he finished the drink, he started feeling enervated and sleepy. It was like falling into a trance. He felt so powerless though he was in his senses but he could do nothing. He tried talking but he could not hear himself. He only had a faint view of white as he could persistently hear where he was being asked for his room card. He struggled to pull it out of his combat three quarters and suddenly realised he was being held up as he walked without staggering resting on her shoulder. She led him to the room, slotted in the card, and gained entrance. She gently laid him on the bed, took off his chucks while he mumbled inaudible words. He was a huge man to pull up so his feet still dangled on the edge of the bed.

She slid her clothes off as she walked into the Jacuzzi; took her time as she sipped her wine with a wicked smile. She thought to herself what Daniels would love to do with all of her breasts that he looked at lustfully throughout their conversation and wished she knew his best position. All that did not matter anymore as she had drugged him although wishing she did not have too if he would have just stopped acting like a holy priest. She had been on to him for years but it seemed impossible to get his attention as he was hardly out without his wife. Now, it was time to have a feel of him. She remembered he said they were still without a child so she opted to go raw on him since it might be his fault that he was not yet a father.
She set to work with her voluptuous body right in front of the unaware Daniels with water dripping off her nipples and streaming down her hips. She has carefully trimmed curly hair on her pubic; it is a turn-on on its own. She unfastened his belt struggled to get it off because of his weight but eventually succeeded. She pulled his top up just to see his body and then slid down to suck his penis so he could get hard. He became aware but the aphrodisiac was working magic and he thought it was a dream. As he got mightily hard with his full 10 inches pipe facing the chandelier, she sat on him and rode him with distinct pleasure. The aphrodisiac made it difficult for him to release in time so she had a little over an hour to ride him as she touched her big breasts screaming each time she climaxed. Before he finally came, which she just took all into her, she had climaxed more than three times. She was too tired to get up as he began to release in her.

...to be continued