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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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The next morning, a Sunday, her dad came up but was surprised to meet the door locked. He knocked, asked her to run her bath, come down for breakfast, and gets set for church.
She mumbled ‘I am not going to church today dad, but will be right down for breakfast.’
He was shocked because that was the first time she would call him ‘dad.’ She usually called him ‘my love.’ He brushed the thoughts off and replied ‘we will be waiting for you honey.’

Cindy’s mum was talking to someone at the sitting room but her dad could not hear him or her as he walked down the stairs carefully. It was too inaudible. He was dazed to see a young man seated on the sofa exchanging pleasantries with his wife. His wife explained that the young man was an old schoolmate who was visiting town, got a hand of the story about their daughter, and decided to come show solidarity. He came early because he remembers that Cindy is an early-riser especially on Sundays because of service, which brought broad smile to the parents faces and the dad chipped in a few bragging.
‘You see, my daughter is an exceptional, beautiful, intelligent, and adorable young woman. We are proud that she did not derail from all the precepts we taught her. I must tell you my boy, she takes after her mother.’ A compliment noticed by the wife every time he says it.

Well, she will be right down; I am just coming from her room. After having a tête-à-tête for about 30 minutes, the man grew worried and offered to go check her up as a surprise. The parents agreed but Phil had an intuition, it was not all right with Cindy. All that he had said to the parents were all tall tales. He is actually an investigative journalist who had come up with all that cock bull stories just to gain access to hearing Cindy’s story and relay it to the world. He knocked but there was no response after repeating it for a few seconds and listening through the door, hearing stains similar to a rope pull and chair sounds, he decided to break through the door. Experience tells him, a suicide was likely as he hit the door hard, the parents ran up yelling with fear, and just as they got to the door, Phil jammed through using his heavily built shoulders.

Just like in the movies, except that this was real and there was no time to pause. Cindy snapped the chair from under her leg but as the rope was about to wrench her neck, pulling her spine and suffocating air from her lungs to bring about a termination of life, in less than 30 seconds, Phil impulsively dashed at her using his neck as the support and balanced her on his shoulder. Cindy’s mum crashed to the floor, remaining unconscious as the dad stared with complete incredulity. Phil called out to him to get a knife to cut her loose. He returned juddering with knife in his hand. Phil directed him as he cut his own daughter loose saved from the jaws of death.

The ambulance arrived with the mother having recovered and they all followed it in Phil’s rickety car in complete silence. At the hospital, they all paced around waiting on the doctors report. In those nervy moments, Cindy’s dad finally thanked Phil for being intuitive and saving them from the sorrows of death. It was a warm, tight embrace. Finally, the doctor appeared reassuring them their daughter was in stable condition as well as permitting them to see her for a few minutes.

In the room were various sounds beeping from different machines fastened to her body that monitored their beautiful daughter’s health who was hit with remorse seeing her parents and imagining the torment she had just put them through her actions. Her eyes filled with tears as they all sobbed with an embrace that spoke deeper than words. Meanwhile, Phil remained by the door and as the mum attempted to introduce him as the life saviour; he politely cut in spilling the beans about his identity. Although everyone was shocked, he was pleasantly accepted.

As the days went by, with Phil becoming a regular feature in it; spending a few nights by her side, offering to run a few errands for the parents and taking them back and forth from the clinic, and with a clear intent to telling the world the true story; his love permeated through Cindy’s heart. The more time they spent together, the more eternity seemed like a walk in the park and like the sun shinning through trees, a life of togetherness forever was born.