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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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However, she is not happy either that she has remained single over the years. In fact, she cut down on honouring every invitation because she could hear murmurings of her being too big for men and described as “independent woman.” In her closet she cried and wondered why it was impossible to get someone who could see beyond the appearance she puts up to see that she is indeed not just weak but emotional, needy of a kind-hearted, strong willed, principled, hardworking, respectful, appreciative man; who could treat her like a baby as well as a queen. She wanted someone to come home to and cook for – she has not met a woman who can make sumptuous meals like those that she does. Even her friends and colleagues bear witness to this fact.

Above all, she wanted a man who could value her, one who would not defile their bed, a special kind of man who could look into her eyes and calm her fears of men; bring tranquillity to her lonely life. She has been scared of many things, which is why she has remained a virgin. She has had stories of how men manipulate women to their advantage. Her childhood friend who married as a virgin is still not over the shock of her husband’s words as he deflowered her.
He had said, “I do not believe you are a virgin. Many bleed during sex. It must be that you have not indulged in it for long because of the impending marriage.”
She trembled with shock and was as aghast as her friend narrated her experience. They both sobbed and drank coffee over it.
‘Men are monsters, easy jerks.” Was all she could say!
She thought to herself that she did not want any devil in human skin to appear only to ruin her life afterwards, make it a mess and make her rue not remaining single. If she was going to marry, it had to be to someone who would make her a treasure. Until then, she would just masturbate whenever she feels lonely, as she has always done for over nine years now, which was virtually every night except when she was completely knackered but she would shower no matter what. She enjoyed her brief private session though she has never felt the satisfaction of penetration; she enjoyed climaxing knowing fully well, she comes out of it remaining a virgin with no one having to judge her.

Tonight is not going to be an exception as she closed early heading straight home. The cloud had consumed the heavens in its darkest elements, raging through with thunders that resounded on earth like a warning as the lightening struck through with its lashes as if it were wielding some strokes. Thankfully, the road was free and she was home in no time. She dashed in after the gateman opened the gate in response to her horn. She locked her doors knowing she was not going out again, had her shower, made some toast and walked the house like mother Eve adoring her curves and edges. She has moderately big ass with curvy, mighty hips, fully blown breasts, round and shaped like watermelon though not as big; she did the pencil test and passed in flying colours. Staring at the beauty that looked back at the mirror, she was overjoyed for the man that will reap the fruits of her sanity despite taunts and temptations from friends.

She rushed to bed happy, reduced the speed of the Air Condition in the sitting-room, turned the one in the bedroom to its lowest, spread her legs as she cushioned in on her big mattress then started to touch herself for some ten minutes until she discharged mightily. She slowly got up for a quick shower, and laughed as the water ran down her body. She dared not rub her body as everywhere tickled. Returning to bed, she crashed and slept like a dead horse with the rain now pouring in its full strength, lashing at the window with whistles of the wind blowing through the loosely closed windows at the passage.

The morning was bright, the wind soft, the debris washed, and the day new with hope. She felt refreshed as if the rain was a tonic except for a nagging headache she felt that was pulling the left muscle on her head. She is just getting a hand of her Range. Some afro beats were jamming through the speakers from the radio and she moved her head to the rhythm though she did not know the song. There was light gridlock at the turn to her office, which caused a little delay. She eventually pulled over at the company’s park and resumed the days work.

It was the end of the weak, which was the day for executive meeting. She was giving reports of her department as authoritatively as ever when suddenly she slummed. The next time she opened her eyes, she was being stretched through a long hall. She could not hear audibly but she saw that there was drip on her left hand even though she had blurred vision. Haven been sedated, she woke up around 2pm and the doctor told her, she was going to leave the clinic but first they needed to talk. A lump had been diagnosed at her left breast and the migraine she felt was a sign of stress, which triggered the collapse. They needed to operate on her by Monday to remove the lump to prevent it from becoming cancerous!