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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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You are here: Home / TODAY, I AM A FATHER.


I was still in bed, fast asleep when I heard knocks at the main entrance. I had woken up at my customary 5am but soon returned to the sweet relaxation I was getting from my sleep after I had eased my bladder of some pressures, which triggered the initial break. As I reluctantly dragged myself from the bed, I realised it was already a few minutes past 7am, and this Saturday morning was still asleep as well, with the clouds in their morbid prime falling on rooftops with only yellow eyes shining through. The power company have been kind in the last three days and the AC in my room made it look like London has been moved down here.
I peeped through from the veranda to know who was at the door before I answered the casual but relentless knock. It was a family friend carrying his almost two-year-old son in his hand with a bag across his shoulder. He had parked his car into the compound, which was a shock to me because I am not much of a deep sleeper and that I had missed the sound baffled me. We exchanged pleasantries as I was lazily wrestling with the locks to no avail. Since he was not coming into the house, for he only wanted to drop his son while he embarked on a trip to return in the evening, I decided to use the other door with less cumbersome locks. As he handed his son over, he apologised reiterating that the mother also had an important appointment.
Though I gleefully accepted the boy with no hesitations, I had worries reserved but accepted the challenge with gusto. To my amazement, the boy did not create a scene and as I asked he waves daddy ‘bye bye’ he did so with caution. Thereafter, my day as a father began at the huge cost of my most desired sleep.

Many who know me will tell you that I long to be a father and my love for babies is unrivalled though I am choosy with which baby to play with, I become animated in the presence of babies. Gladly, my adopted son for the day, Matthew, epitomises the type of child you will want to be with – trained, intelligent, cheerful, neat, cultured, and handsome. He is so charming and endearing that he immediately diffused all my apprehensions. I particularly embraced this challenge as the world have done with the #IceBucket challenge because I wanted to feel fatherhood more closely – so call it a rehearsal of some sort and you will not go wrong!
As I had expected or thought, it was a test of every iota of restiveness and a very rigorous one. We went to the toilet together, and I did lots of mopping job like the FBI cleaning its mess. I had many things to collect after countless explanations though I barely understood his words, he clearly picked up all mine. Hence I resorted more to psychology for I had to study his expressions, reactions and mood, which clearly helped as we did just fine to avoid conflicts similar to the Syrian war. I must confess that as brilliant as Matthew is, it is almost impossible to believe he is a boy less than two; we conversed like adults, played like kids. His innocence was overwhelming, which was accentuated when he stayed with me in the toilet until I was done, keenly watching me. I was humbled emphatically by this for even I cannot do that for another.
It was not totally a smooth ride though as he invoked the dreaded baby cry that lasts forever with no evident reason. He suddenly although understandably, started to miss his dad and broke down like a molue on third Midland bridge. I was perplexed on what to do and thought briefly in less than thirty seconds then stretched an open arm, which resulted in the warmest, heartfelt embrace I have ever felt. It was needy, trusting, and overpowering. Though he sobbed more but gradually was comforted in my firm embrace as I gently rocked him to sleep while simultaneously rubbing him on the back after initially attempting to lay him on the bed failed woefully, I realised he wanted a fatherly embrace – one he enjoys in abundance from his parent. Before I knew it, I had survived the dreaded cry in less than a minute with a sleeping happy boy on my chest.
I was then able to remove his trekkers, which he had wanted on all day, put him to bed until he woke up several hours after with a soiled pant. That was where I failed. Unlike Matthew who stayed with me in the toilet while I blasted it, I could not clean his shit! I felt like I had betrayed him but I just could not bring myself to doing it. I attempted to but the stench and thoughts of seeing contents left me petrified. I mean he refused to eat but took all the bobo’s, cheese balls, and biscuits his dad had delicately packed for him, I still feel guilty because this is a boy who said ‘bless you’ every time I sneezed, who offered me his biscuits, gave me countless kisses yet, I was letting him down.
However, a day with Matthew has changed my life completely. With Mathew, everything my mother has taught me to do and make amends in my life; he put me to the test. He totally demystified me, overpowered me with true love, and taught me the essence of patience, resilience, trust, above all sacrifice and a thought provoking selflessness. I know now that indeed, love covers all frailties; love is selfless, innocent, and never seeking reward. Thank you Matthew for teaching me to be a father and now, more than ever, I am an overzealous father in waiting after my rehearsal exercise with you.
Future father,