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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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You are here: Home / , , PANDORA'S BOX: LIFE OF CRIME.


Ben and Ken have been devoted friends from university days. No one could have imagined that they would forge such a compact union between each other, at least not in the near future after they confronted each other several times in their freshman year; with an encounter leaving both with bruises, swollen face and a rumoured lost tooth by Ken during a fierce exchange of blows. It was an ugly scene as both young men took their ‘beef’ to a point of ruthless animosity, which lead to the pummelling they both gave each other. Rumours had it that the ‘beef’ reached a crescendo after Ken met Ben in his girlfriend’s house.

This should not have been an issue ordinarily as they both had bucket load of girls they could choose from if not for the hostility they nurtured. However, the hatred was such that, they needed to make a statement of authority. Although, they only intended to mark territory, there was nothing to be proud of about the episode as the two campus big boys dented each other’s delicate faces, which they used to such philandering prowess than most seniors ever achieved. They sprawled to attack each other as they became exasperated from several minutes of their show of shame for no one came to their aid.

Two years have passed since that fight. They now sit beside each other in their posh cars, which they drive interchangeably along the interlocked road of their school. The landscape is complemented with lush green trees planted to form various geometric shapes, which encapsulate different seating parks with choice gardens to beautify the school before the terraces where girls usually love to walk in their bum-shorts exhibiting the most appealing legs covered in skins that tempted even the priest. They particularly loved to drive at snails speed even though they cruise a double silencer Mustang that carried engines, which sounded like tormented pit-bull.

The inexplicability of their newly found bound was such that it left most in awe as everyone wondered how they had become buddies overnight. Though the friendship was unfathomable, the similarities were obvious: they are both from homes where wealth was stupendous enough to heal a mad man of his insanity, they epitomise an ant lost in the largesse of a sugar paradise, and their status as Lothario legends is not a myth. Though Ken was the calm one dubbed the serial killer, they both had interest in the same things. They supported the same football club, love fast cars, have same taste in women; though Ben liked them fair, they both love girls that are very voluptuous, sexually provocative and in particular; preferred those who had bodies that looked like they were going to jump out of their clothes. They both love to throw money around as if it was going out of fashion.

Word on the street was that they had joined forces to depose the biggest clique the university had ever seen, the “MONEY BOYS,” who actually redefined the social circle on campus. Ben and Ken, who both attended the biggest show on campus, could not draw the clout the money boys put on display as a rave artiste was said to have paid homage to them without recognising the two upcoming big boys despite the attention they created with their class – that is a story for another day. The event had left a bitter taste in their buds so an alliance was forged.

Deposed, they did and behold the new Kings of campus emerged! They had Bolu, a very formidable force too but he remained an outsider as they retained their joint recognition. On rare occasions, Bolu lurked around but never was Ken without Ben; the two moved together like the snails shell. They organised the biggest private parties, which usually were closed to the public – mostly with news of rapes, excessive use of drugs, and unceremonious events filtering the air after such parties. Regardless, it was unquestionable that they ruled the university with their disproportionate extravagant lifestyle, tire marks of screeches after stunt displays, change of cars as each month rolled out, and exotic perfumes filling the air with immaculate scent hours after they leave a place.

The biggest of them all and by far the mother of all parties was their one of a kind orgy party! The campus was agog, biggest boys and girls jostled to get invitations that were paramount, scarce, and invaluable. It was everybody’s dream party regardless of ones inclination. The duo remained lip sealed on details despite making more friends as people became desperate to attend. Although it was clear, it was to be held in the house of Ken’s father – a serving minister of the republic who was on a tour of Europe for the summer holiday leaving the estate to his son, no one but Ben knew of the venue and date; not even Bolu. However, they enjoyed the attention, which racked more girls to their slaughter list!

Calls were made, people invited secretly to the orgy party with bouncers at the gate to admit upon receiving codes revealed individually and bounce uninvited guests. The party was a fantasy, which left every admitted guest with tales too unreal to be shared. It would have been the perfect unbelievable party if not for the body of a lady found cold by the garden. Autopsy showed she had suffered from a seizure after having multiple partners all night with drug overdose said to have been the cause. At least, 10 different seamen samples were found on her.

Ken was detained for two days for questioning, which forced him to call his dad who ordered their family lawyer, a senior advocate to secure his release on bail. Although the case was later dropped for want of evidence, the reports had already gotten to all and sundry via: blogs, tweets and Intagram pictures of the deceased girl linking it to the party. It was a cruel blow dealt to the duo as they faced scorns from people. Luckily, it was a graduation party but it left them with a reputation more damaging than a quaked area, with all their legendary status effectively tainted.