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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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You are here: Home / , , PANDORA'S BOX: LIFE OF CRIME. (2)


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The incident brought a huge strain on the relationship between Ken and his dad. He was utterly disappointed in the reckless lifestyle his son was living. He often wondered where he went wrong to warrant such an inconsiderate action by Ken. He had many questions spinning through his head: “why did he have to host an orgy party?” “Why did it have to be hosted in his house?” “Why should it have resulted in the death of a girl by his lawn?” he knew this was a big blow to the chin in his political ambition, which was at its peak at the time; this only further infuriated him.

He summoned Ken to his presence. He needed to know what had gotten into him to give him the effrontery to host an unimaginable party, which raised eyebrows in his mansion. As Ken walked in soberly and visibly chagrined, his father remained quiet as he sunk into his special chair made of gold. It had been designed specially to specifications and imported from Italy. It is one of the masterpieces of the mansion, which itself is a magnum opus. Ken stood jaded from the prison experience – a mighty dent on his ego, with his hands folded at his back and his eyes staring vainly into the ground.

“I am sure you are proud of yourself after making yourself the laughing stock of the entire world; now the world knows that Kennedy, the son of Chief Nnabare, the multi billionaire is a criminal, planting a blow in my political career, thanks to you!”
“But daddy, I am not a murderer, I was not the…”
“Will you shut your shameless trap? How many people do you want to relay your version of the story to expecting them to believe you? Did the girl not die in ‘my house’ or was it not you that has been arrested?” his dad interrupted angrily!
“Don’t you know our people say ‘a man, who cannot put his house in order, cannot rule over a town?’ now that you have decided that you have too much money to throw around, the following are your punishments” he continued.
“Firstly, your allowance will be reduced to only cater for your immediate needs, all moneys paid into your account will stop, you no longer have access to your fleet of posh cars; I will determine which car to give to you.”
“Secondly, you will not be embarking on random trips across the globe anymore, your movement will be restricted, you will report to my office every morning, and see me before you go to bed every night.”
After a brief silence, Ken asked if he could relocate abroad. His father declared that he was to remain under his supervision and actually was to hand over his international passports.

He turned without saying a word, but his father’s terrifying voice called out to him. As he turned around, chief was on his feet. He said, “One last thing. I do not want to see any of your friends here. That includes female too. Now scram you idiot.”

The past week has been unfathomably horrid for him. It felt like his world came crashing down in the blink of an eye. After the detention, he knew he was to expect anything but these sanctions from his dad were not on his card. Although he understood his disappointment, he had thought the love his father has for him, will suffice in disciplining him. He walked through the passage that had seven rooms in each side with the light from the chandelier brightening his way, then into the second largest sitting room in the house, which had five in total built for different purposes, visitors and people. The main one usually opened to the crème de la crème, is a spectacle to behold – it is so big, one could mistake it for an arena. It has everything imported from the best designers across the world; in fact, Germans were employed for the fittings. 

He was lost in thoughts and almost past the stairs that descended to his apartment though he still had to make a few complicated turns, he could find his way even in the dark, when a call came in. He knew it was Ben without checking because he had assigned a custom tone to him. A husky voice came through. It was that of Ben. “Hey bro, how are you holding up, and hope your old man is not too hard on you?”
Ken replied, “Oh boy, I’d rather just have the ground open up to at least hide me if not swallow me up from his wrath right now than having to face all these. My dad is furious with me and his punishment severe than trade ban on erring countries.”
“You and I can understand why he is but not to worry, all will be perfect soon. Just hold up and stay focused. You know you can always count on me?” Ben said decisively.

Truly, Ben has been the only one yet to desert him after the episode. Therefore, his words were only more reassuring. “I know. I am just confused.”
“You have no reason to be. Okay? I gotta go now; I should come see you tomorrow. Cheers.
“Hold on man, nope you can’t come over. My dad wants no one visiting me. I will find a way to see you soon. Later bro. Thanks.”
“It is nothing. Okay, get back to me then”