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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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Cindy grew up with a decent upbringing; not as the typical daughter of some Hollywood star with all the luxuriant benefits, but at least, she fed with a silver spoon. Her parents belonged to the emerging middle class birthed by the warm embrace of the world to the capitalist system. In their own reasonable way, they ensured she lacked nothing a girl of her tender age would want and they shrewdly trained her in the customary ways of utmost ‘girl’ decency. None of her parents was lenient although they were not fearful either; they maintained a firm authority on their three children – two boys and Cindy the only girl separating the two.

As a child, everyone knew she was an unusual type of human though no one could really place his or her finger on what stood her out. She was exceptionally quiet, reserved, and withdrawn as a child; characteristics she has not shaken off even in her late twenties. It was not as if she was shy but she rarely said anything to anyone. Yet, she was very assertive, strangely decisive for a child, and strongly opinionated. She was not the type you could scare off or influence easily. Indeed, she has a mind of her own. Unlike the boys whom the parents bothered over for fear of falling to peer-pressure, there were no such worries when it came to Cindy; they only monitored her loosely and guided her when she needed help.

Her parents are always loving, accessible, caring, paying keen attention to their children but firm and convincing in their dealings, which earned them the respect of the community and that of their children most especially. Sincerely, they were amiable and inspired many around them. Although they are both now retired, they have remained in their country home with the dad into part-time Pastoral job at the community church. His other times are spent at a small farm he tends at his backyard or addressing people who come for advice, while his wife still taught in a near-by school, she has a shop she returns to in front of her house where she spends time mostly selling stuffs on credit. 

With the years flying by swiftly, and the children all grown, independent, and married except for Cindy, only the parents are left behind in the country home for all the children have migrated for better opportunities to other countries. Not that this was strange to them, for all of them were in boarding school and then the university education pulled them further from home. However, this was the first time they could not give a specific date of return for any of their children. Carl, the first is now a medical doctor practicing in Poland, married to a Polish who has bore him four lovely boys. He hardly came home except for holidays but he ensured he sent his wife and children down at every opportunity.

Castro, the lastborn, a twenty-six year old Geologist, newly married to Betty – a final year medical student, resides just a few minutes drive from their parent’s home. He particularly loved the peace, serenity, and freshness of the air the town offered. Although, his job tosses him around various oil fields, he never loved the fast, sleepless city life. He always complained about how much pollution filled the air in the city. He detested the hustling and bustling of cities. He once said the lifestyle of the urban dwellers was akin to slavery. He complained bitterly about how residents are so unaware of how much enslaved they were to the city. Apart from describing it as wheezing environment from pollution of all kind, he was of the opinion that the city was the handcuff to finding self-actualisation itself. His wife knew of his views and there was no doubt of where they would settle.

Their parents are overjoyed that one of the three stayed close by even if they saw him on rare occasions, they understood it was the nature of his job. However, they are despairing from Cindy’s status as a single woman. They were utterly mortified that she was not bothered about it. They have devised various means to get her involved with someone for they thought she had no interest in men but failed each time to convince her. The mother has had different talk on marriage with her; encouraging her to be more ordinary and cover her success so men would not be dissuaded from meeting her – this idea enraged Cindy further. She would say ‘she does not want a coward for a husband; one intimidated by her success and casting his mind off her personality.’
Sometimes she calls her mum a doctor because she tells her all the time that the pelvic gets stronger with age, which makes birth difficult but she answered unperturbed reminding her mum that only God provided children.

It is for these reasons that Cindy hated to go home often. She was tired of the lectures and the impression that she does not want a family of her own, made her sick. Yes, she is now thirty with a blooming career to show for it. She has just been made an executive at her finance company, which has further enhanced her status. She now drives round in the new 2014 Range-Rover jeep, has the salary that compliments her standard of living and she lives in a 5-bedroom duplex in one of the company estates. Her meteoric rise has not been much of a surprise despite haven joined the company a little over 6 years because she is not just amazingly brilliant but shockingly hardworking, dedicated, and committed to work. She really does not accommodate nonsense from no one and everyone knows she has high level of professionalism.