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You are here: Home / , , WOMEN'S BIGGEST LIE.



That women lie is neither an oddity nor something pristine. What is the fuss about a lying woman when every human is caught in this obscene habit? Well, before this sparks a gender debate – something I really do not mind but let me crave your indulgence by asking you to suspend that urge for my next post – slow your horses for now as I am only bothered about a woman’s biggest lie. As you might imagine, I have been a victim of countless tall tales in my limited escapades with them, which I have decided to share today!

Do not forget that since my experience is limited, I am asking you men to back me up by enhancing my opinion with your more copious examples and I expect the women to be frank too by helping us out through sharing what their biggest lie is. 

Let us start with the most famous, which is ‘baby I am on.’ Have you ever experienced chasing a girl for so long, exhausting your time and resources on her that you give up, only for her to give you a call unexpectedly moon that she wants to spend time with you? She actually comes over and after much persuasion; she agrees to stay the night. Now you are thinking you have hit the jackpot and after being at our best all day, she tells you that the red flag is on; access denied! The question is; are women always on their period when they say so? Some go as far as having pads on. Well, I never find out if it is the truth because it is gross and you can be my guest if you choose to.

It is also legendary to hear women use the word ‘stop’ a lot but mostly at inappropriate times. I mean I still cannot come to grasp with why a woman will lead a man on – knowing that we are so physical, only to ask us to stop when we are about to get to the real business of the day. Please ladies tell me what goes on in your head at the point of romance, when we start kissing passionately, touching each other with canal knowledge only for you to abruptly ask us to stop at the most crucial time when our second head takes over? *sobs* Again, as a gentle man, I follow orders but my friends have told me that the best experience comes from not yielding to such instructions because those who issue the word end up blowing our mind during the act. Ladies, is this true?

Then there is the ‘lol’ and ‘brb.’ I have learnt not to believe when a woman tells me this because I have come to find out that it is the biggest lie. Firstly, most “lol’s” by women are truly no laughing out loud, it is derisive. They use it habitually; there is nothing more to it. Next time you read ‘lol’ from a woman, know that there is actually no grin on her face. Similarly, ‘brb’ is the biggest mischief used by women to elude communication. Have you noticed that when you start to quiz a woman and those questions get to her, she finds a way to avoid them and that is when ‘be-right-back’ comes in handy? Best believe at that point, she is not returning to that conversation and will avoid you for as long as it takes to forget.

Here comes the biggest one of them all, ‘I am fine.’ Blokes, if there is any bigger lie told by a woman than this one; buy me chocolates. I can vouch for it on my girlfriend’s name – oops, I have got none – that she actually means ‘I am everything but fine’ and chances are on a scale of 100%, you are the cause of that by all of the 100%. Hence, you have to be at your utmost best by putting up with her because at that time, all she craves for is attention.

I know I just said earlier that there is the biggest lie, well cancel that out. This one is the mother of all lies, which sadly affects us more as men. It is the cruellest if you ask me; ‘oh that was great, I enjoyed it as I came.’ Research has shown that most times during sexual intercourse, men climax reaching orgasm way before women. By extension, women are just rearing to go when you arrive at your peak but so as not to hurt you, they fake it in other to boost your confidence. I will advice that you find a way to satisfying with foreplay because once it is a routine, that relationship is taking a nosedive.

If I do not put this one, I am sure even the ladies will be angry with me. The ‘go have boy’s night out.’ This sincerely is a woman’s ultimate lie against herself because no woman wants or wishes her man a good time if she is not in the picture. It is said to conceal her feelings of jealousy or extreme reliability on your company. How on earth did you think she would gleefully agree to you having fun with the boys when she is aware there are possibilities of you getting drunk and ending up at the strippers club or worse? Trust me, if she lets you out of the house, you will not enjoy that outing because she will bug you with calls over the most flimsy excuse.

By the way peeps, kindly follow me on twitter naa; I must confess I have been having loads of fun on that space so come on board let us do follow follow @princelajblog plus I dey Instagram too oh on IG: @princelaj no dull!

I remain your boy,