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In an attempt to stem the spread of the deadly disease, Ebola, government has ordered that all primary and secondary schools – private and public, remain closed until the 13th October 2014. This means that the scheduled date of resumption slated for mid September, becomes invalid nationwide. Government claimed to have reached this decision carefully after holding series of meetings with commissioners of education from each state of the federation with various stakeholders in the health sector, together with the FCT education secretariat in attendance, where they concluded some preventive measures in order to ensure the wellbeing of students across the nation.

The minister for education, Ibrahim Shekarau while briefing journalists on Tuesday, declared, “All primary and secondary schools, both public and private are to remain closed until Monday, 13th October, 2014, which is the new school resumption date for all schools throughout the federation. This is to ensure that adequate preventive measures are put in place before students report back to school.”

I was the least surprised at this decision reached by the Federal government because I have been privy to gathering information about two weeks back that government were in the process of taking this decision. However, I am left not only flabbergasted but also dismayed that this decision has affected the educational sector alone. Yes, government appears to have taken this decision with the interest of children at heart, which seems laudable. Notwithstanding, their efforts flatter to deceive. This looks too suspicious like a perilous sham and like a child who seems to have eaten all the meat in the pot, they are desperately trying to wash off stains.

If this was genuinely considered and the reasons for this shocking decision solely for purposes of putting adequate, preventive measures in place with the interest of every Nigerian as the core, why is government not shutting down its ministries, secretariats, airports, banks, seaports, boarders? Why are they not putting restraining orders on the mass association of people at markets, political rallies – where the Osun one was held after the outbreak of Ebola, offices – public and private, viewing centres?

What has happened to a government who showed stupendous confidence in battling the endemic Ebola disease and refused to shut her boarders, airways to passengers from Ebola stricken nation, where Mr Sawyer an American-Liberian actually brought the virus into our land from Liberia? What has happened to the flawless pride it exuded in announcing that it has contained the spread of Ebola and the nation has nothing to worry about with the spread of Ebola. In fact, Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu, Minister for health, just a day before this announcement, declared Nigeria has overpowered Ebola and only has one patient left. He arrogantly declared that Nigeria had cured those infected with the infection completely and had been discharged. What then is the nation afraid of that it has frantically reached this decision?

I tweeted that I doubted anyone had been cured as there was no evidence to indicate such. In such a matter, evidence is needed to give assurance and hope to the populace so we could believe in government just as the Americans did with her cured doctors when they televised Dr Kent’s release, how he was embraced by all personnel, and he had a public speech with the other woman preferring to be exempted from the media.

Some of the arguments espoused at some quarters are that children interact more at school with little or no monitoring. They also opined that they are at a high risk when in the midst of mates at school as children engage in more physical contacts than adults do and they could not discern on proper hygiene among others. For some, they are better at home with more supervision, care, and support than in school where lots have flu, play without cleaning hands properly and are exposed more to the dreaded Ebola.

The aforementioned are indeed huge concerns of every parent and I must say, very valid too. They cannot be ignored, as children are more vulnerable to contacting such an outbreak. In fact, once a child is infected, it is like the floodgates have been thrown wide open as chances for every family contracting it skyrockets because once a child has it, the mother especially is susceptible as the caregiver and by extension, the father gets infected.

However, have we thought that children are not the only who can contract this disease. Parents can do so at places of work as well. Children will get bored and we will take them to game parks, malls, open fields, family friends, which could open them to the infection from the interaction.

In my candid opinion, if Nigeria has no skeletons, children should be allowed to resume at the original date and where government is not involved in any shenanigan, all sectors be shut down so that we all remain safe from the disease. If banks can take preventive measures, then so can schools regardless of it being primary or secondary either privately owned or owned b government.

Yours sincerely,