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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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You are here: Home / WHERE THE HEART LEADS.


Honestly, the heart is about the most complex thing in the human anatomy. It is unfathomable, deep, and overly dramatic sometimes, and to me, it has a head of its own. I do not know about you but I have noticed the heart has a way of overriding every other information it receives once it contradicts its desires. Similarly, it is a powerful organ; once it sets its ‘heart’ to it, it is almost difficult for you to dissuade it from performing that goal. What amazes me however is how it adapts despite being an embodiment of emotions from preventing a total collapse? I cannot comprehend how it manages to function adequately despite all its already difficult functions.
I mean, asides the fact that it supplies blood and all those scientific argots, it is the most busy organ entrusted not only with just ensuring human existence and functionality, but also it is the most battered organ. I know many suffer physical battering but we all suffer from some form of emotional pummelling or the other at some point if not regularly! For me, it is as if the heart is constantly lost yet needing no finding because it heals despite it jumping at the bouquet of pains like it is an eager unmarried woman. Hence, it is baffling how the heart retains its sanity in spite of all those heartbreaks, hurts, disappointments, and deceits. It is nothing short of marvellous how this organ functions ceaselessly.
As humans, there are times the body is so jaded and we need some pills to resuscitate it but the heart regardless of its unenviable functions never goes to sleep, yet it is never too weary to perform its duties even when it slips into depression. If we examine the heart of some, and how much mending it has undergone, we will be shocked at how it still functions for some have a heart with holes from perpetually being under the needle to recover. This brings me to the saying ‘where the heart leads.’
Whoever invented that phrase must have been divinely inspired as it succinctly captures the whole essence of the phase of man in life. What I mean is no matter how hesitant we might be, regardless of how much we resist or attempt to control the heart or how careful we tend to be; it does what it designs. Essentially, the heart is the principal actor in the affairs of man. It leads and we follow, it dictates and we oblige, it is the object and we, are the subject! The heart is prima facie the architect of the remarkable achievements of man.
The greatest success achieved by men is that which is after their heart. Those things that stand us out are the matters our hearts point out, leads us to or through and we invest in. Each time for example an issue weighs in the heart and it delights after it, it takes over us completely leaving us with no form of control. As for me, once a matter or thought sinks into my heart, I crave for it completely as it overwhelms me. There are a few times, they do not turn out as expected, but the adrenaline I get from it is irresistible not to explore. My heart, which is the craft of many devices, consumes me and that is why I am most suitably a PASSIONATE MAN.
Consequently, I am of the opinion that come what may, the most important thing is for a man to accede to the desires of his heart. It is apparent that at the end of the day, a man governed by the pure affairs of his heart and who harnesses its full potentials by executing the templates of the heart and sieving away the desperate thoughts will shine forth through the delight of satisfaction of accomplishment.
Therefore, wherever the heart leads, is where you should turn around to ever now and then. Even when the results are not satisfactory, you would have achieved satisfying the desires of your heart and this will prevent you from falling apart. Truth is together with your heart, you have a more trusted ally, and truly, you really cannot overcome the aspirations of the heart. You cannot help the heart. It pushes you and when you do not oblige, you end up jaded and troubled, which I tell you is not a place you want to be in at any point – battling with your heart.