'A critical approach on relationship, topical issues, love, and society in a subtle way juxtaposing them with real life issues to impact real people.'

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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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Life is a seed planted not necessarily by the bearer of life but sometimes by some stroke of fate. Over the years, I have seen that there are other elements, which interplay with the role of man over his fate. Now, I am not in any way attempting to insinuate that man has no power whatsoever over his destiny or that he is like a pun in a chase game. In fact, man is the overlord over his life and principally the chief custodian of his affairs and matters although at some time, he plays his own life into precarious circumstances that makes him useless and expendable more than a pun.

At these moments, I consider them the supreme act of fate that highlights the feebleness of man showing him that there is one far above him who dictates and determines the providence of man. I am talking of those moments when no matter what, nothing works, those times that we just do not get it right, where all that befalls us is astonishing and seemingly undesirable, those times that the cloud just stays and stays refusing to vomit rain and everything is all dry. I call this the unexpected; a time where those things not envisaged creep into our affairs and truncate everything else regardless of how they might have trickled in.

Imagine haven achieved the type of education that is enviable, coming out in flying colours, bagging two degrees with masters and doctoral education; equipped with the modern certifications to blend into an ever changing world, all in a bid to become available and relevant for the needs of the world and yet with no employment! At this stage one is not just startled but confused. Yes, they said education guarantees jobs and you have even gone a step higher but with reality proving the promises were vain. This is sure an unanticipated position. Be assured that it is no proof of what the future holds as long as you keep on diligently in that resolve of yours to be relevant, you will soon knock on that door that would have been waiting only for you to open.

I have seen cases of love stories that broke the rules, inspired the greatest motivation to love more, stories of lovers that were the envy of all, that were a prayer in the heart and lips of many fail on days to marriage. These are defining moments that are unforeseen but devastating. Moment that is least envisaged or desired. At these tough moments, life stands still and everything else loses its meaning. Most times, these moments call for a reappraisal of how we have gone wrong and merited such cruel fate. I really have nothing to say than that it is better to break up from a relationship than out of a marriage. Above all, all things always work together for good of those who love God; prevention from realising our potentials is due to the mortality of man.

You can also relate not exaggerating that the unexpected is like taking a sharp turn only to meet a block or like the man who goes to sleep under the mango tree only to wake up to the terrifying sight of a black mamba hissing, staring straight into his eyes. I hope you do get my drift and not find my analogy too extreme. Regardless, a calm mind with knowledge of ones dependence will outsmart the dangerous position he finds himself in. Essentially, no matter where we find a snag in our lives whether career, family, education, relationship, or our existence in general, we must remain avid on focusing on our target ignoring obvious challenges that come our way.

The unexpected are an inevitable part of life, they are like the wind that threatens to pull down the plants, the animals that deprives it of its leaves by feeding on it and the erosion that tries to unearth the seed right after it is planted. However, despite all these, a dedicated, committed and focused individual who does not despise small beginning and is not afraid to fail, but learns from every challenge rising to soar higher when he falls will accomplish his destiny when he moulds his life in the words and promises of God.