'A critical approach on relationship, topical issues, love, and society in a subtle way juxtaposing them with real life issues to impact real people.'

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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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Love is the most difficult thing to talk about objectively, it is an issue that one must view subjectively. Though the principles of love are unchanging and constant, the players who bear the rhythm of love are the ones with intricacies, unpredictability, and the ones responsible for confusing love with personality. What I mean is love is an affair that is devoid of sense, reasoning, justification, above all, merits. Love for me is that thing that only mad men understand. It is to adore the flaws innate, adoring those imperfections that make them unattractive by finding the beauty in them rather than the condemnation.

To love is to accommodate, to be selfless, sacrificial, and generous with expression without holding back or flattering to deceive. A lover never hurts, harms, or ridicules his beloved. Note though that as imperfect beings entrusted with the unenviable responsibility of delivering love, which is perfect and at best divine, we are not required to burden ourselves with this enormous role. Hence, no need to hide under the guise of perfections; this gives love superficialities. In essence, because we as human have tendencies to annoy, it is all right to upset but the love means it is not intentional and the beloved takes best-case analysis stance rather than the worst-case analysis to judge us. In principle, love will never judge!

Now that you understand my subjective opinion on love, it will become clearer to discern why love covers all sins. In an ideal situation, where things work normally, money, love covers all sins no matter how hideous or malevolent they are. I know you all will be quick to point out that there are certain things that one cannot compromise on and when our partner steps out to breach those things, then, condoning that sin is irresolvable no matter the depth of the love we have for them. Reasons for these are not farfetched as they range from our hearts, intelligence and person has been hurt terribly. We feel that for them to have done what they did, they had no regard for us and did not uphold the value of the love we share so the trust, breached and we cannot let them in anymore.

However, let me shock you by saying an offence that is unforgivable is non-existence. There is no crime, sin, or atrocity, call it what you may that is unpardonable. If God can forgive all sins, why will we as humans deprive others of that benefit? Actually, forgiveness is so possible and practicable that God mandates us to do so for our own benefits ‘…forgive us our sins as we forgive those who trespass against us.’ it is clear therefore that no sin no matter how outrageous, it is forgivable. The only reason that stands in the way of forgiveness is individuality.

What I mean is this, with our ego and self-denial; we prevent ourselves from forgiving grave offences. We put ourselves first and think poor of those that have wronged us; putting issues over and above individuals. We are quick to cut ties for every misdemeanour insisting that we are not respected or valued. Our self-worth prevents us from analysing without emotions and giving room for strengthening relationship. We fail to look into the mirror and admit that no one is perfect or privy to frailty. At hurting moments, we are not reasonable, objective, and sincere. We fail to admit that faced with the same situation, we could have done worse. Therefore, it is not the absence of ability to forgive but the presence of personality placing ourselves above every other thing. 

In essence, lack of genuine love that makes forgiveness unattainable. There is no way that ruthlessness can dwell where love exists. The dearth of love brings about reasons for drawing the line. Though the act of hurt crushes and shatters us from the pain caused, we never fail to love for love is longsuffering. No matter the agony or shame we go through from what our beloved has done, our love is forever patient through trying times and we are constantly weak from restricting our partner access to our heart.

No sin is unforgivable where love lives. Be it secrets kept away from us or issues hidden from our knowledge, whenever revealed, we overlook, and let go realising that the beloved is more important than their oversight. Where they have hidden valuable facts from us on their background or identity, it really does not matter. We cannot be in love with the glamour or the substance of a person but only with them as an individual. Therefore, whether they are poor, rich, educated or illiterate, destitute, or a vagabond, is inconsequential as only the pure love for them is paramount.

Remember I had ‘merits’ underlined, it is a way to stress its significance in this context. Love knows no virtues or demerits. It does not seek to give away its purpose in exchange for certain qualities. All that love is concerned with is loving the imperfections perfectly, seeing the beauty in the flaws of the beloved by realizing that pure love exists in the absence of validation. Therefore, where a partner suffers from HIV, deformity of any kind, it is irrelevant even where they have brought it upon themselves. Love is that thing that makes you go out in the rain with an umbrella to put over the head of your beloved even when he/she is late or has offended you.

Whether a person fakes a life no matter how long they do so, and when we see through these cracks, we let it go because of the love we feel not necessarily hoping for a miracle but pertinently showering love and finding a way to make them feel loved, which changes them. I am not saying love is foolish or that it is the absence of punishment but it is the infinite availability of forgiveness. Love is also an attempt to heal or change people. It is the willingness to accommodate them and help to build them up constantly especially when they feel most undeserving and unwanted discounting their lack of faith while accepting that we do not have the prerogative to complete them; all we can do is complement them.