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Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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Auto-correct are a major tool of our modern devices. All Smart-phones think they are so intelligent that they go as far as auto correcting our typed words as soon as they detect any misplaced word in a statement. It is then a proven fact that Smart-phones do not accept mediocrity as a standard. However, despite the impeccable tidiness of the auto-correct feature, it has caused many problems to me personally sometimes. I have sometimes typed names of people only for my auto correct to change it to a more familiar name it is accustomed to; say for example I typed ‘BUNMI,’ my auto-correct feature automatically switches it to ‘BLESSING.’ The drama it has caused me is incomprehensible except you have been in those shoes.

You know that for a woman, calling her by another name other than hers is deeper than an innocuous omission but an ominous mistake that needs urgent clarification even if you are just friends. Another classic example is it changing ‘your’ to ‘you’re.’ this too has serious consequences as it has the power to change the meaning of the preceding word, which can strain or at least test any relationship. As much as auto-correct has damaging capacities, it is so smart that it does not bear the responsibility to those blunders, as it is our responsibility to crosscheck its corrections. Its advantages are far more beneficial than its disadvantages.

As the auto-correct is an important tool of every Smart phone to making it better, so also do I have certain things in my life that serves as an auto-correct? Yes! They help to check my excesses, correct my wrongs, serve as a caution to preventing me from stepping out of line; those are my few friends and family, you can call them FnF hereafter. Well, they never refrain from correcting me when I am wrong, or grow weary from pulling me back in line when I step out. They are an ever reliable, objective and unsentimental individuals who do not shy away from the obligation of making me a better person. They are my smart individuals, who are devoid of emotions and detached from conditions. All that counts is to serve as the hunter’s whistle.

As human, we always fall short of expectations and are guilty of some mistakes that can be detrimental. That is why we always need people as our auto correct; people who are unprejudiced, honest, and sincere. Those who show us our faults with love criticize our decisions and not condemn it, the people who find it as an important part of their lives to constantly remind us of our goals, encourage us, and sound notes of warning once we deviate. It is their constant corrections that make us feel important and useful. Knowing that they care genuinely for us and demand nothing but the best of us to attain the quality we are capable of is indeed a motivation to get better and feel inspired not to let them down.

This is a privilege that I cherish so much and never want to lose. For instance, there are times when few people after reading my blog, call my attention to certain errors asking me to make needed corrections. This is an act of love, which I appreciate. I mean it is enough that people read my articles but to point out errors show a keen interest and that that individual has painstakingly taken his/her time to digest my every word. That is a form of auto-correct. I value when people take their time on me and invest their time no matter how little, it makes me feel special because it is evident my interest is a matter germane to them.

Consequently, I believe the kind of company we keep is critical. We must be mindful of the kind of people we let into our lives, we owe ourselves the duty of scrutinizing people before we make them our friends and let them into our lives because truly, people shape us. We cannot overemphasise the essence of surrounding ourselves with positive people, as we must be heedful of the words people sow into our lives. For me, I am particular about words because I know its power; hence, you must give me a positive vibe. There are times I run to my FnF’s downcast but they cheer me up or calm me down; before you know it, my worries are vanished.

‘Man, know thy self.’

This means as individuals, you must have come to a place where you know yourself thoroughly as this will help you determine the kind of people to flock with and keep. A man with no identity will follow trend as a confused dog flocks with swine. Knowing yourself helps you stand your ground firmly resisting infiltration of your principles. As the saying goes, likes attracts. Therefore, you need people like you in your life who share the same belief and you can then be each others auto-correct.

There are times when we encounter the wrong people. All hope is still not lost in these situations. All you do is to block, delete, and cut them off from your lives. We have a prerogative to prevent anyone who will drag us down rather than lift us up from gaining access into our lives.