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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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I came across this picture of the imposing first lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, and you can see it speaks volumes. I never for once thought I will ever have to write anything that the name of the first lady will appear in. well I guess the saying 'never say never' is true to its content. Like many Nigerians, I find the woman an embarrassing embodiment of the self-acclaimed position of the office of the first lady. I perceive her as dreary, uncanny, and unpolished. Times without number, she has taken the bail to be the laughing stock for Nigerians and her performance over the #ChibokGirls scandal is an eyesore. 

Over the years that her husband has been at the helms of affairs of this nation, she has stood firmly by him, remaining dogged in defending him as well as jumped to his defence with her abysmal use of the English language. These qualities got me thinking they were just a blatant attempt at catching the headlines, which further left me unimpressed with her. However, after coming across their endearing love story, I see her from a different light, not necessarily likeable still but at least a woman with enviable qualities. One who loves regardless of the potentials of her husband who appeared a man with no desirable future at the time they were courting.

This got me thinking and today, I am going to ask, of what material your wife made up of by your evaluation? Nothing I say here is my opinion oh. Let me state that so that you do not come and be accusing me oh. Ladies you have heard right? I am asking not accusing. You remember the wife material app that was the rave in Nigeria last month. Well I was tempted and I actually ran that test for a few girls without their consent. Anyway, back to the business of the day, which I have been finding a way to write about; thanks to Dame, she has formed the basis of it today.

The phrase ‘wife material’ has been one we all have grown to understand. It is always about finding the woman who meets our set standards, fills our gaps, captivates our senses, and inspires an irrepressible urge to spend the rest of our lives with, making her our wife. Hence, there are varying requirements for the materials of every wife in men. They are requirements varying from the needs of one man to the other. Usually, it is never the same or just similar with distinctive difference reflecting personality, taste, desires, and basis of attraction.

Therefore, tell me what material or how many yards of it are your wives made of or the woman you will love to spend the rest of your life. Is it that she has to have impeccable dress sense, sophisticated in choices for adorning things with swaggering style that has a semblance to the queen or you are more concerned by a casual, simple, and cheaply dressed woman? For you, is it a woman with the heavy makeup, which attracts you with a complete colourful outlook and masquerading displays, or the woman who is more sober with her looks with little or no make up, appearing with devastating simplicity?

If I was not on spot there, then give me another chance. Are you magnetised by the woman who cooks sumptuous meals that leaves you always salivating? I am talking about a woman who makes your taste buds drooling and your stomach rumbling from lack of her meals. In fact, some women are an expert in making meals that once they are in the kitchen, you will know from the junction leading to your house. I am referring to those who do not require tasting the meal to know how tasty it is. Even if they are fasting for days, you still will not know or is it the woman who cannot peel yam and is a professional in making noodles, cereals, and tea for you? Trust me making those too are a huge task.

These women are so good they encourage you to eat healthy and thereby offer you biscuits and juice and when you start to complain, they serve you meals bought from the cafeteria or dish chicken and chips bought from the eatery. They tell you that you make salad by frying it or that you boil pounded yam as you will rice before serving. 

Okay I know some of you are so particular about details. So hear this. Do you want a woman who can drop the pot from fire with her bare palms, keeps her pots clean, kitchen sparkling, sweeps, washes your clothes, mends your buttons, knots your tie. Or the one who needs to put on her gloves before bringing down a hot pot, fixes nails as long as her finger so cannot wash plates not to talk of pots and says what counts is the food in the pot not the pot after all, white pap comes from a black pot? Would you prefer one who serves your meal hot and makes it each time you want to eat or one who makes it all at the weekend then serves warming it with a microwave? 

All right people, I know I have not met your criteria but do not give up on me just yet. Do you want a freak at night and queen during the day or a freak with no traits of royalty inherent in her? I mean do you want a woman who can multi task? Who will invest skills in the bedroom that enthrals you and you will begin to think the way she plays on the bed she is a workshop of artistes; or would you prefer a log of wood, dispassionate and unskilled worker in the bedroom but who meets your every other need. I am referring to someone who is inexperience and does not see satisfying your urge as an adventure and constantly reinventing but only as a duty?

for others, they will rather go for a woman who builds their dreams, who knits hers into theirs and fashions her life in such a way that she is the pillar for that man's vision. However, for you, do you prefer a woman who chases her own dreams, paves her own road entirely and channels her energy into succeeding no matter what? After all, the sky is big enough and you can trim your ego for love! Or better still, you prefer a lousy, funny and outgoing woman to the reserved, cool, calm and meticulous type?
Whatever material you wife merits, regardless of the worth of it too, do share with me as I am curious to know what your desires are and how you go about having them.
I just hope you love that woman right when you find her?