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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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A teddy bear is a girl’s best friend. They go everywhere with them, showing them off to everyone with enormous pride, and treating them with supreme care. In fact, with teddy bears, girls have something they are genuinely protective over giving immeasurable love and affection to it. They christen these bears by names that are warming and touching intimating on a connection with the bear. The attention that women pay to their teddy bears is only comparable to that given to a baby. It is clear from the passion and relationship many share with their bears; it is almost inconceivable to achieve separations from it.

I have seen many who have formed a symbolic relationship with their teddies consequently making them their true friends; even I got one though I do not see it often.. Together they share the sunshine and the rain, happiness and sadness, laughter and tears. Necessarily, a teddy shares its girl’s secrets and she relies on its unswerving loyalty. The bond is such that there is no shame or hesitation to flaunt it. I know that the teddy bear means different things to every owner; for some, it is a cuddling mate, while for others, it is a confidant – the one that knows their every desire and shares every pain. However, the underlying factor we can associate with the relationship they all share is that it is a reliable companion.

It follows therefore that every woman wants a teddy bear in a man. They want a man who they can talk endlessly to yet still feeling welcomed. It is important that a major attribute of a teddy is its listening prowess. Let us pretend they were human; teddies are exceptional good listeners and this is what women desire most in their partner. Someone they can talk to, who listens with immersed attention and even when an issue is repeatedly said never pointing it out. You must show that you enjoy hearing her talk and react to everything said as if you are just hearing it for the first time.

Women like to have someone they can share their pains with, whom they can reveal their weaknesses to, and above all, be human with exhibiting no inhibition of any kind knowing that they will not be condemned, judged, or castigated. It is vital for a woman that you support rather than engage her. If you understudy the roles of teddy bears in the life of women, you will realise that the attachment they bear with it comes from deep freedom they share with it knowing that in their eyes, they are perfect and accepted with their flaws.

One must realise that women do not attach easily to an unworthy man. The attachment must be from a veritable and appealing connection. What I mean is like every teddy, each man must possess something of value, which the woman can affiliate with her interests. Although the man must realise that those values do not take prominence over the value of his woman. Just like a teddy, the woman does not love you for the standards you have although the size, succulence, texture and price of the teddy is important, it is only to flaunt to her friends. She has immense, unquantifiable ardour for the bear regardless the value.

A note of warning must however be sounded that women have fleet of teddies to choose from although they always have a favourite, the special one that they cannot go anywhere without, the one who holds a superior spot in their heart. Hence, like teddies, they have a plethora of admirers who will do anything to hold down the top spot and shower them with affection and attention. Nevertheless, there is always that special man who they have an eye for and will show that preference for the man. It could just be a fondness emanating from natural or mutual affection and the man might not earn it necessarily.

The problem with being a teddy bear is that like everything inured by, the probability of tiredness and desertion is high. As time waxes, the owner is likely to either outgrow her keenness for the teddy or for some unavoidable reason, experience distance from her favourite teddy bear. Thankfully, now we are not lifeless or without gumption, which puts us at an advantage to work our way back into the heart of our beloved. The advantage is in as much as there is an assurance that there once was a passionate urge to be with us, we can rekindle that yearning when something takes our women away from us.

Unfortunately, separation arises between teddies and their owners because of dust. The dusts stand for an accumulation of dirt that they gather over the years without shaking it off causing an allergy in the owner so severance becomes inevitable. To avoid this occurrence in our relationship, we must constantly cut off habits that irritate our partners, refresh ourselves regularly so that we give our partners reasons to admire us like the new day.

Well, I can encourage you to be the human teddy bear by just loving your woman more and more. Cheers.