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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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You are here: Home / SINS OF ANOTHER.


Legally, it is unforgivable miscarriage of justice to pronounce on an individual the sins of another. It is not just criminal to cause another to carry that sin but a despicable anomaly to proscribe on that person the punishment intended for the wrongdoer. In essence, it is always only wise to ensure that the offender and no other person serve punishment else, the purpose of deterrence is shamed. The only time this idea vitiated was during crucifixion where Christ bore the sins of the world and punished for it paying with his life so that no one else will ever suffer such fate consequently becoming the true forgiver of sins after haven earned the rights.

I hope from the aforementioned, before an irritation with my legal jargons, you get the idea behind the analysis. If not my point is still branched from my last expression in fences where I propagated that we stopped building fences rather than bridges because of our previous negative experience suffered from our dealings with people other than the individual you are addressing. Today, I want to buttress on it by stating that there are no moral, civil, or reasonable justifications from making others pay for the sins of another.

Therefore brothers and sisters, let us journey on the train of objectivity, equity and good conscience. Let us show maturity and eschew our misgivings desisting from judgmental inclinations while becoming masters of our emotions rather than actors in depleting confidence in others and deflating hope that they bear because of our fears. The consequences of making others pay for the sins of another are by far overextending than the benefits that accrue from such. We must let our experiences become our precautionary measures, our teacher in moulding us to a better person, which makes us discern rather than sentimental and erroneously block our minds to the good in others.

I wonder why I have to be guilty for the misconducts of another man. It is understandable the hurt you must have gone through from falling in love with a man who eventually got you pregnant and rejected you after. It is beyond reason to express the indigent mood one can get from having to sacrifice ones entire life just to raise a child alone after promises of heaven on earth by that man who said he desired to build a home with you. To stand by you, loving and cherishing you only to turn out heartless and unmoved by your passion after taking all from you leaving you to cruise in self-pity. Nevertheless, must I emphasise that we bear no likeness whatsoever? The fact that I am a man does not mean I will repeat all he did to you.

It is preposterous to hear that my words are the same as that of the man who put a knife to your heart and slit it through to leave you this broken. Indeed, I have no new words that I can create that you have not heard of before but what you have not witnessed apparently is the passion, sincerity, and authenticity in the words, which I bring to the table. I know, for even your friends have told me how that man gave you an engagement ring only to get into your thighs and defy you for his lecherous fulfilment after finding out that you intend only to give your virginity to the man you will call your husband.
In fact, now I understand the animosity you have towards men and that you now feel used, outsmarted and feeling less of yourself for your experience affirms that. However, in my eyes, I see the beauty of your heart, the decency of your person and the proof of your values and principles is not in question but I cannot fathom why you think so lowly of me as to conclude that I am on the same mission. Look at me and see that I am different from that man who filled every bill of your fantasy: tall, handsome, dark, and charming. I have a soul where my conscience rules.

As much as I love you and want to swim the deepest sea for you, I really do not want castigation for the sins of another. I want to bear your burden as mine but the troubles of your weary heart that sink you into unbelief and distrust are not appealing. They drain the joy in my heart into deep low self-esteem and that I do not fancy. Questioning my credibility puts my integrity into question, which makes me realise that to compare me to a man whom I have no similar DNA with shows my worth is devalued and in my eyes, the respect I have for you departs like the spit I give to the ground.

Similarly, I estimate that that woman who swims all around you like houseflies paying attention to you keenly like a cat does on its mice prey, ensuring that all of your matters interests her deserves more from you than your pervasive belittling based on your heartrending experiences of the woman that cheated on you with your best friend. The fact that she wears a wig, 6-inch shoes, mini-skirts, and has all the semblance of a woman does not warrant you thinking she has the same traits as the one who put a dagger to your heart. That she turned her back on you after taking her to meet with your parents is no assurance that the woman who is concerned genuinely about you is up to no good but to shatter your hope.

My point, which succinctly I have made clear enough, is that no matter how horrible the experiences we have had are, no matter the torment our hearts have suffered and the shame we feel from falling so cheaply for the deceit of others, they are no reason to transfer the punishment to the other innocent individual. Actually, those experiences are not out of place; they will help in dictating the yardstick of the kind of people we fall for and above all, it proves that human are not dependable and we should focus our dependence on the unfailing God.