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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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You are here: Home / THE CHILD TRAPPED WITHIN.


As a child, I had certain habits and some if not most of these habits have stuck with me like glue. Today I was just thinking if I am the only one who still has not been able to outgrow my child habits or is it that I cannot get the child out of me. Anyway, regardless of what you say or think of me, I am proud that these habits have become an appreciable part of me that has formed the adult that writes to you today. I must confess however, that it took me time to own up to these habits that still has me acting like a child genial with so much excitement because I thought it was a proof not to have grown up!

Therefore, I am going to share those habits that have remained with me despite my becoming a man. Said that as a child, one behaves like one but upon growing, one moves beyond those childish ways to reflect the maturity from experiences garnered over the years. For me however, this rule has not applied in terms of cartoons. Yes, I still sit in front of my Television set to watch cartoons like a child
and there is nothing gingerly about me when I am watching cartoons. Cartoons even now inspire me deeply and I still find them as captivating as when I was a 10 year old; only that this time I understand it more. Tom and Jerry with all its silliness still cracks my ribs uncontrollably and the sheer delight of seeing their tantrums fills me with unequivocal joy.

Actually, I have grown with cartoons and as they have evolved, they have fascinated me, wooing me over with every detail. Although I must confess that I still cannot come to terms with SpongeBobs – I find it too elementary and an affront at my intelligence. That being the only exception, as much as I enjoy the remake of our super hero cartoons into movies, I still do not miss the original episodes of Spiderman, Batman, Superman and the collection of other heroes in one when it is in cartoons. While some producers have brilliantly transformed many into animated movies, these being an advanced cartoon to me, I have followed every one of those too with keen interests.

Another habit that has remained with me over the decades is gaming. I am referring to screen and video games. Let me highlight how I have evolved with this with you. I do not know if you all remember the water pad games we held where we had to shoot tiny round circles into pins in the pad filled with water. Then the brick games where brick tiles are set to fill spaces. Then oh my, the game boy pad that evolved with cartridges playing the Ninja turtle game and the likes. Shortly after that came my first video game the Nintendo, which had an opening on top to fix cartridge to play on the television. My Nintendo still lurks around somewhere in my house today and I have tried to find it so I could snap a picture of it to show; sadly I cannot locate it right now. That game gave my lesson teacher lots of headache and my mum – the buyer had to make many threats to get me to leave it.

My passion for video gaming is unmatchable, as I have become a frantic user of it. Thank God, for some virtuoso companies that transformed video gaming exemplarily taking it a step above the unthinkable to now give it a near human feel and character. With my #PlayStation my world has become more adventurous as I have conquered many enemies and won many trophies on my #PES series. The experience has been incredible and I must agree with #Pirlo Andrea who said the PlayStation is the next best invention to vehicles. My love for my PlayStation is unparallel and my loyalty, never shaken. I anxiously envisage inducting my children into the gaming world with unending virtual possibilities.

As a child, there were certain meals I found too sumptuous to devour all at once; hence, there was a burning need to device means to enjoy it at least more while it lasted if I cannot prevent it from ending. Therefore, foods like yam and egg – garnished with either corned beef or chicken, all made in scrambled form with lots of vegetable oil, I just could not have enough of it. Somehow, the egg was never sufficient so I had to literally separate half of the egg and hide it under a slice of yam, which I was going to use in relishing eating the egg. It is always very challenging I must tell you and with no gram of shame, I still today indulge in this habit. Less I forget it is also quite yummy when you match your yam with egg or oil by pressing them together and consuming it – this child in me still plays itself out on me occasionally.

I remember that while growing up, I will cry over anything as long as it was what I wanted but could not get. Although now I hardly cry over anything as I have control but I have realised that a child we let emotions take over us completely, which made us more human, those emotions still get hold of me in the most weird and wonderful way. One of those instances is crying over movies: biographies, romance, and complicated thriller movies. You might be shocked that some war movies bring tears to my face. What matters is as long the story line engulfs me completely annihilating any form of control.