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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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Primary school passed me by before I knew what was happening. I do not think I made friends with any girl. Even when the heavens bestowed on me the luck of having one for a seat partner in primary 6 (I think it is now called basic 6), I cannot remember a day we said ‘hi’ to each other . To make matters worse, I could not get into the co-educational secondary school of my choice. I had to settle for a public school, which was for boys only. Please be kind enough not to ask me why that happened.

As young as we were, my friends in secondary school could sense that I was not cut for that kind of environment. Maybe I was just too gentle to be there. It was so bad that some of the boys called me the only female student of the school. Thank God, they did not decide to investigate if their awkward theory and suspicion was correct. As fate would have it, things changed after my first year in the school.

My mum finally decided she had had enough as I was returning low grades to continue in the school. Although it was not financially convenient, she enrolled me in a private secondary school. Ironically, I resisted the idea at first – I assume I was beginning to get used to seeing muscles and bones instead of flesh every day. Entrance examination into the new school went suavemente. I guess what spurred me on to performing well was finding out that the school was mixed-gender. Yippee!

The first day went swimmingly and was interesting in a twisted way. The classes went without a hitch while the fact that my brain was registering the idea that my eyes would start seeing a number of hills and valleys in the same room, at the same time, made it all more exciting. Settling down into my new environment was easier by making friends with a classmate – Femi. He was the most eloquent guy I had ever met. This guy knew almost everybody in the school and held in high regards by the teaching staff.

As time went by, my heart (or maybe it was my Willy) was attracted to one of the damsels in my class. This babe was dark, plump with some developing curves (remember we were all just in JSS 2) and had a pretty face to complement her nice body. I guess what made me trip more was that we were namesakes; which was an obvious attraction. Oh! I yearned for her. However, the problem I had was how to get her. Now, let me mention that I was barely eleven years old (imagine that!). I was so small and timid back then and approaching her to tell her my feelings was unthinkable as it made my heart race at two hundred beats per minute; I still wonder until date how I did not suffer a heart failure.

Nevertheless, I wanted this damsel to be mine. After many days of deliberating how to go about it, I decided to adopt the way of my ancestors; a third party brought in – what the Yoruba’s call alarina! The choice of my intermediary was easy, who else than Mr. eloquent Femi? I told him my problem and asked him to help make my feelings known to her. Yes, I agree, I was immature but if you cannot get a job done, is contracting it out not the logical thing to do? Anyway, Femi assured me and instructively asked me to consider it a done deal.

The following week, together with two classmates called Tokunbo and Seyi, Femi approached my heartthrob. They decided that the class was the best place for executing the job. I stood by the door with my mouth in my mouth. Thoughts ran through my head; what if she said no? What if she got so mad and decided to tongue-lash me in front of the whole class? Alternatively, worse still brought her parents to call me to order. Having myriad of thoughts, most of them bad, I almost wanted to call off the mission but it was too late. My guys expressed my affection for her as planned, using the sweetest words ripe for their infant age. I can never forget what happened next even though it happened too fast. My crush flipped her lid threatening to report me to the teachers in the staff room, which was just beside our classroom and then the principal (and here I was thinking I was the immature one).

My fears had come upon me so quickly I wished the ground would swallow me up where I stood; I was frightened. It took all the efforts and power of my guys to restrict her from leaving her seat as they held her down. Thank God, she finally cooled down and waves of relief washed over me. Later, shame and heartbreak took over the relief; my lovely ebony had rejected me.

Gradually, I became organized and decided to get back my pound of flesh the best way I could; made sure I topped the class while she came second. She was the best brain in the class before I had arrived. We eventually became good friends but my desire for her never again discussed – once beaten twice shy.

A year later, a guy named Dayo transferred to my school and became her boyfriend. Only God knows the words he used that my friends did not. Maybe he had bigger cojones than I did. In my mind then, I wondered how he got her. What did he have that I did not? I was just starting to realise that in life, no matter who you are and what you have, you cannot have them all.

Thanks a lot for reading my first piece folks. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think. Stay blessed.

With love,

Dr. T. (Dr T is a medical vet doctor, friend and brother from way back who finds pleasure in writing on the side. Let us welcome him heartily.)