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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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The turn of events in my country over the last decade has been utterly demoralising. Particularly in the last six years has been more devastating and disastrous as there has been no form of monumental growth and stabilization achieved in this period. With the sad tale of events that have stricken our nation, one cannot but be disheartened and very unhappy. I must confess that all these have gotten to me and I admit to not being strong as I thought I was. Truth told I have no heart to take all these and no stomach to keep them in.

I am tired of the facelessness of government. Honestly, I know that we are equally guilty of most of the happenings around because we voted them in – if our vote counted. However, the way government operates with secrecy is alarming; this government, disconnected from the people, fills my heart with rage. That government can be detached from the sorrows, groans, and sufferings of its people is not just embarrassing but the peak of insensitiveness. I still cannot comprehend how the president goes to dance with steps that make Michael Jackson move with envy at a political rally barely after few hours his citizens have been obliterated off the face of the earth with bodies spattered around; this is astonishingly appalling!

Indeed, I am shattered from how much unnatural and unrealistic our leaders are. It is frustrating to see them daily put up a face of deceit and togetherness when all is definitely not well from our cancerous problems. Our leaders have turned leadership into a lifestyle devoid of weakness and emotions. I have not seen a leader mourn with the people, one who cannot go to sleep if a sheep is missing, and one that will offer sincere concern and assurances to the people. A leader who lets his feelings take over him, who can afford to be human and avoid the surreal veil his office apportions him. All they are bothered about is the bogus image they are busy protecting. I wonder why the vice president who had just lost his immediate brother could afford to appear in his full regalia when paid condolence visits. What is in image that makes it so important than a soul that grieves?

I am genuinely exhausted from having lives cut off as if they were some sacrificial lamb. It leaves me distraught to see human bodies maimed and inhumanly dismembered. There is no strength in me to see the horrifying sight of human bodies piled up like dung with the air heavy with odious smell from the stench. My heart shreds to pieces from all these killings and vicious ways of our people. I am sick in my heart to hear daily that these evil men threatening to sell our abducted close to 300 girls into slavery after plucking our girls in their sleep like oranges. Thoughts of the abuse and the humiliation that these girls would suffer rend my heart and I can only pray they #BringBackOurGirls now!

God knows I try to take my mind away from all these pains by hoping and praying but my heart is deeply troubled from all atrocities that men commit. I am morose from the hopelessness Nigeria feeds us with, the dreams that our country takes from us, the lackadaisical attitude of our leaders have become so inimical that we no longer can find our feet in hope for life. I am predominantly sullen from how much of our youths have become redundant and very unproductive. It worries me that the chief purpose of government is to enrich their purse and secure a life for their unborn while the lives of citizens are jeopardised as a kite set to flay in the sky. It exasperates me completely to see joblessness push people to the brink of heinous crimes leaving lives of others at a peril. Yet when security persons called to act, they scamper like cowards but are the first to beat harmless civilians to a pulp and discharge bullets lodging it into bodies of innocent citizens.

I am morbid from the incompetence in this nation that sweeps across all facet of national life leading to high rate of mortality of mothers and infants. Just the other day, a woman in childbirth, left unattended to, and caused to fall face flat on the floor, had died from that terrible fall. It is disquieting to see mothers killed constantly by insurgents and children taken into slavery or as child soldiers. It is terrifying that villages and even urban cities razed completely by lawlessness of the angry herdsmen.

It is petrifying to witness the level of commercialisation of politics by politicians who have turned it into a venture for survival. It is tiring to see the cross carpeting and defection of party members for purposes of advantageously amassing wealth. How criminals, fraudsters, political leaders and ex chiefs have filled offices by stealing our votes and manipulating the choice of the people. I am lonesome of the number of committees that are being set up to look into the killing and oppression of human lives when there ought to be specific action and reaction. I am tired of those who have continually turned representative retreats and estacode into a means of looting the public purse spending weekend at gamble tables in Las-Vegas, have dinner in London, sleep in Lisbon, and take their children to Canada from monies gathered here to squander abroad.

I am knackered of the injustice of justice, the corruption in the chambers of the house where motions that will move our nation forward, never moved. I am tired of containers falling like spoilt trees on passenger buses; it is comfortless to watch aeroplanes drop from the air like paper planes killing all on board and survivals roasted to death because our firefighters have no water to douse the fire. It is disturbing to know that there are ritual camps and baby factories among us that have thrived for years with no foiling their operations by the men of the force; these leaves me cheerless!

The incompetence, disaffection, and aloofness of our leaders to our plights have taken the sun from our day; they have filled our hearts with darkness and gloom looms over perennial unity. I am sure frustrated at the ineptitude of government who not only kill us by letting evil prevail, but take our freedom from us by unleashing the same military that cannot conquer our common enemy of terrorism, corruption and poverty to prevent us from protesting against their abject governance. Times are bleak and we will not be moved by the crocodile tears of the first lady who still manages to adorn in bangles and gold chains in a mourning period after all, she hold no official office over us. The plea of the president who says small stealing is no corruption and #AmericaWillKnow when there is an alleged $20 million missing will not move us.