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Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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You are here: Home / FROM THE ABYSS (concluding part)

FROM THE ABYSS (concluding part)

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In case you do not remember, here is a link to the first part http://www.princelaj.com/2013/12/from-abyss.html?m=1 Now the story continues.

…he was shocked to say the least as he beheld the woman he loves dearly by the door. Not knowing what to say for it was obvious, she looked petrified – as if she had just seen a ghost; he asked coldly ‘how long have you been standing there?’ as he moved to pick up her bag that appeared to weigh her down. She was still in shock and could not utter a word although she had many words rumbling through her head but she could not summon them out, for she was too worried to reason straight.

She had always been aware that he smoked the grass because there were times she stayed with him in the toilet with the only window shut; while he puffed delightfully and only left whenever she suffocated by the conk vivid cloud of smoke. She was not particularly pleased that he smoked pot but the sight of watching him do it was captivating as his immense happiness from it was evident. Moreover, it gave him a voracious appetite and she loves to cook for him. In addition, he had never been violent or with any of the negative traits often characterised by smokers so she has no reasons to complain. She also loved the good feeling the pot gave him while they shag as it usually took him hours to wear out – another chief reason she never contemplated leaving him.

Therefore, it was not witnessing him smoke the pot or the drinking that got her perplexed, as she was accustomed to those already. However, that he was that distressed and completely engulfed by despondency was heartrending – in their two years of a solid enviable relationship built on unswerving love, unflinching commitment, and dedication, he had never exhibited this deep grief – this was her worry! As she pulled him close to her, holding tight and staring deep into his eyes that betrayed the courage he was putting up, she was beginning to drown in the unspoken hidden despair in his soul. He tried hard not to look into her eyes but he could not help as the tears rolled down.

She just held him tight like a baby without saying a word as he sobbed uncontrollably. He let the pains take over him and he bathed her with his tears, as he could not hold back anymore. For some reason, he was not embarrassed because being in her arms with a strong embrace made him feel safe. At that moment, it seemed someone truly cared and nothing could harm him. Nothing mattered more than the comforting of his woman. Finally, he stopped weeping and the tears dried up on his face leaving her body soaked from it.

With where his thoughts had taken him, he was on a pedestal he had not been forever and like a person back from a tedious journey, he was exasperated not just physically but mentally, he felt drained completely. Using his last energy, he was able to ask why she had come a day earlier than planned. She told him she was free for the day and decided to come spend it with him. He asked to be excused so he could have his shower, which afforded her the opportunity to settle in. As she sank into the bed mindless of everything else, trapped in views, she briefly held a colloquium in her head asking various question to what could have happened.

Lost in thoughts after increasingly being unable to find answers that got her more bewildered for seeing her love this way was too much to stomach. While she brought herself back to life, her man was standing in front of her. Maybe it was the shower or the excitement of seeing his alluring woman before him for he had discovered some form of enthusiasm as he warmly planted a deep kiss on her succulent lips that lasted for some minutes and as usual, she fed him with his favourite delicacy.

It was in bed she finally asked him what made him break down. As expected, he narrated all to her: his travails; some she was conversant with and others, she never knew of. He was not going to hide from her anymore and he thought she deserved to know his pains. She finally told him that she stood watching him dumbfounded, as he did not even perceive her fragrance; she was too disturbed she could not fathom words to say until he stood up. She stated categorically that it was horrific to have seen him that way and made him promise never to let troubles weigh him down that much ever again.

She was concerned he had been so engrossed; he did not even notice her, which made her jealous. They gently rolled onto each other; NEPA had rarely ever been this kind – power had remained stable today so everywhere was so chilly arising from the saturated conditioned air. They ended the night making sweet passionate love as they both quivered after erupting in deep satisfaction endlessly.