'A critical approach on relationship, topical issues, love, and society in a subtle way juxtaposing them with real life issues to impact real people.'

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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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You are here: Home / DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?


Haba sister, you just ignored my friends and I when we were extending our most sincere greetings to you. I know your mum must have told you not to talk to strangers. On the other hand, is it that you just choose to ridicule us? I know you look like the heavens are missing an angel with those elegant strides of yours with which you strode on the earth, which still bears witness to them. However, even if I have not been to heaven, I know whoever sojourns there will not return, but from the bible, it is clear that angels are not pompous either.

You are still not saying anything. Anyway, even though my friends are angry and think it is disrespectful to treat us with so much contempt, I refuse to get angry and I ask you forgive their ignorance for they do not know whom you are. It is a fact that we have been trying to get your attention right from under the mango tree where we were chilling from our aimless wonder and frolics. However, you brought meaning to our rather before now restless whereabouts when you appeared like the early morning sun on a December humid day – fair, bright and warm. You shone like a million stars and provoked the insurmountable attraction for you.

Just a minute please, let me listen to the murmurings of my friends. Their patience is being tested because they still do not understand why I have persisted in talking to you and now we are at the roundabout and you still have not said a word but finally, you are smiling, which is a good sign. Sorry I am back, where exactly are you headed? I really do not like to walk with no direction, I know you have not invited me along but you are too much of a beauty to let walk alone. Moreover, you know there are many kidnappers in this clime so I feel a duty to protect you from their claws and perilous ambush.

I am getting weary really: not of being with you, for you smell like the rose covered with dews on a fresh morning but I am weary of talking like a transistor – getting no response! I am drained from complains of my friends who have grown tired of you all together. Will you please say something, anything, just a word would do? I would have thought it is the men in jeeps you want to link with but you have paid no attention to the blaring of the horns and flashes of those indecent men who have no respect for a woman walked by a man. I do not blame them after all, it is you who have refused to find a resting place to seat this your heavy duty ‘ikebe’ that is causing a lot of attention from passers-by. That is why you should be mine so that I can protect you from lurking eyes with corrupt hearts.

This is infuriating. It seems you do not know who I am. I am Adeyinka, but you can call me Olayimika, in fact, everything yimika - only the good things oh. Look here; let me tell you what my friends call me. I have different accumulated titles: odagboru kijikiji, grandkadhi of Kano – a title I refuse vehemently though because of boko haram people, but my other Hausa friends call me mai shanu to show my wealth from my many cows. Others call me alase one, If you must know, the title of minister for women affairs was not for nothing; it was because I earned the prerogative from my expertise in taking care of women and I know how to give a woman the blues. To others, I am Don Corleone despite the fact that I lack his type of cruelty. Albeit you are new in town, you should have heard of me now; I am the only prince in this town, do you not see that in my dressing and my royal gaits? I can fill your wardrobe with clothes from Italy asking top designers to make us a pair each – okay that is a hyperbole.

Though my presence does not put fear in you, can you not see dogo there, my friend, does his height alone not instil fear in you? You see those other men you see, the fat one with potbelly is a lawyer, and his stomach has bulged from the money he has swallowed. The other averagely looking man is a Dr. and his afro is because of many times in the surgery room. I know engineers and military personnel too – not those who face boko haram oh but their ogas with protruding stomachs that prevent them from touching their office table. I know people oh that know people.

Ema gba mi ke, ko ma soro! (Somebody help me, she still is not talking.) Okay, forgive my impudence; I was only trying to get your attention. I know nothing can impress a woman this charming. The few times you have smiled have captivated my existence completely. You must be noble because there is nothing ordinary about you even your skin looks like a fish in aquarium. I am in complete awe over by your immense magnificence; your looks speak volumes and I want to be lost in your thoughts as I try to meander my way into the shelter of your heart. *dancing* as she finally laughs. She called my name out and said will you give my heart the deserved protection? Baby, I will protect it more than the American government protects its president.