'A critical approach on relationship, topical issues, love, and society in a subtle way juxtaposing them with real life issues to impact real people.'

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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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Since I took to pouring out thoughts in my head that stream from my experiences, that of others, and ceaseless ideas that persistently take up the space in my thinking faculty, to you my friends, I have become a very different person. I have learnt there is a connection between us through a glut of stories that pervades our lives from different scenes in each individual’s tale. No matter how isolated we might feel at every point, our lives surely attached to one another through shrouded experiences. After all, we all love, sometimes even hate, we fight and reconcile, and we struggle and overcome, lose and win, in sorrow or happiness living in our various ways even if in different forms.

Above all friends, I have learned a lot through you that everybody knows something but nobody knows everything. Actually, writing has made me realise that I am the most ignorant of all humans gracing this noble space call earth. From you dear friends, I have gotten the greatest desire to provoke thoughts within that I could not reach before I came into your world. Certainly, those thoughts hung like coconut on tree, seeming lofty, but you have been my inspiration to dare and explore, you have lifted me beyond the clouds that I only think of you when I write. Daily, as the streams produce fresh waters, you have filled me with immeasurable knowledge every time you share your thoughts.

I know right now, you are thinking what gives me the right to call you friends when we barely know each other and more importantly because I have been an awful friend myself. Yes, this I know for the sheer delight of writing alone engulfed me up and I have paid little attention to knowing you, how life is treating you and most importantly reaching out to you. First, let me apologise most sincerely for this rude oversight by me and I hope you find it in your hearts to forgive me, give me a clean slate and let us start together again writing our stories only that this time, I beseech you to hold my hands as I write ineligibly.

To ease your curiosity, I decided to write this after a reader got in touch to tell me she has not read my blog for months despite her getting my automated messages asking that she read my articles. As some of you know, it is customary for me to send links to articles after publishing on my blog automatically. As I sought to ask why, she lamented that I send impersonal messages to her simply directing her to follow a link on my blog. She became cold to my blog because I rarely checked up on her but still found time to deliver my blog links.

*sighs* this surely hit me not only because she was right but because I realised how I must have made most of you feel used as well. Honestly, I feel so low right now to have made anyone feel less as it is the core upon which I started writing – to inspire. I only got too engrossed in writing and thinking it was mandatory to read assuming you would find it useful, also erroneously concluding you as friends will be most obliged. I forgot that I needed to earn your trust and give you the desire to read my stories and share yours as well, to relate and follow each other through, be a leaning shoulder, eyes, and ears through this screened space that bars us.

Friends believe me I appreciate you more than words can express. My gratitude is immense especially with your unflinching support. With the matured relationship, you have forged with me: taking time out to read my every hub, commenting, sharing, and encouraging me. Some of you have even pointed out areas for correction – a proof that you painstakingly labour reading my blog. I am sorry for my inadequacies; they are due to my fallibilities. Your proficiencies have been my strength. I am indebted to you all for opening every link, for making my dreams of touching lives with my words through my experiences a reality. Without you all, my shared stories brought to naught no matter how beautifully I tell them.

Let me assure you, every one counts, every link opened is a dream fulfilled; every comment posted is an assurance I am not alone. I fully understand perfectly how much of your time it takes to peruse my articles especially in this tough climate where network is dreadful and you pay for every opening by subscribing at premium rates to service providers.

I am resolute to be relentless in my writings, to share my story and touched by yours. To primarily know you more, to forge an impenetrable relationship with you all, to have our stories interwoven, to open up to erudition by you my highly estimable friends. You only have to do me a favour; each time you are exposed to my blog and read, introduce yourself via your comment, give details of your person. Let us interact and have an unending rapport; together, let us make this a family sweeter than cake icing and let nothing come between us like a fat kid from his cake.

You all know about me already, as I have disguised sometimes through stories, often times, I have been direct. Well, as friends I will gladly refresh your memories that I am a man with unquantifiable passion for law, a deep thinker, social analyst, and an incurable lover in love with loving in its absolute ramifications. I am a society party freak *winks*; otherwise, an indoor, reserved man. A man with an unflinching affection for family, I am principled, a follower of Christ – lover of my soul. An odd rebel, norm breaker, resolute individual, staunch #MUFC and #ACMILAN football fan and I am sapiosexual – my newly learnt word!

Okay now that you know all about me, kindly share yours, follow me on instagram: @princelaj twitter: @princelajblog and facebook on: www.facebook.com/princelajblog I will follow back and let this new relationship start. I have heartily dedicated this to you my friend; yes, you and no one else. This I have tailored specially for you to say thank you, i appreciate you and you rock my world.