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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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The town crier in my village makes a national broadcast and claims they have generated 6000 megawatts of electricity yet our village is a place where generators work the highest in different shapes and sizes with sounds like the noises of the angry gods dancing to the weight of powering up scruffy mud houses. Silent generators power even the houses fenced with walls that have wires that electrocute round it with lights brighter than the sun.

The other town crier who is the mouth piece of the king implores us to utilize wisdom in relaying news when we see gold gadgets given out as gifts at the king’s son birthday party or when they scamper around when the youths become restless after the ‘oguro’ evokes their frustration. He questions our sense of patriotism. Where is such sense of patriotism when you perpetually look us in the eyes and lie that our village is the best? Where is that sense of goodwill when you and the king leave our village when it is on fire to go tan your skin in the European sun? Where is the sense of commitment when the chief over oil and refineries matters squanders taxpayers’ monies on jets to attend meetings in the country where everyone looks alike?

You have stepped the cobra’s tail in his resting place and now it spits with venom. The cobra’s poison spreads like your oil wells razed by fire. We know you have sold your conscience to Lucifer the excommunicated angel – remember he is an outcast. Regardless, our sting will expose the rot in your skin, which you cover with clothes.

When people killed in the next village, the herdsmen readily blamed, the king prays for our sympathy and generous patience in embracing the killers by enriching their pockets and sending them to school in the white man’s land. He says there is a need to reform them and integrate them back into the society forgetting the pains they caused us in the past. This is not our problem but how do we balance this phenomenon when the king’s family are caught emptying the village’s purse, they are praised and given a pat. Whereas, the son of the blacksmith that stole the chief’s phone is still in incarceration under the watchful eyes of his clothed dogs.

In fact, a chief that took from the communal fund to give his children the best education as well as send them round the world in private jets after abusing his office, has made the king pay him damages for calling him to order using the same commonwealth he is guilty of looting.

When contract for building amenities awarded for 100 million dollars, only the foundation laid and the contract effectively abandoned. I know you will be perplexed that dollars is the accepted legal tender in our village. Well, the honourable in charge of keeping the naira valuable says it has lost its value hence a need for contracts paid in that note and due to other international monetary policy jargons, they feed us.

Indeed, like unstinting donkeys, the king rides us and strikes us with policies he says through his special agencies meant only for a better tomorrow that leaves us stripped of good today yet enriching the king and his cabal through our today’s pain. It is so bad that if there is a change of mantle, the new king moves to a new palace, as the old one is declared outdated to host his calibre of guests.

Social welfare is lacking and all they do is provide nonexistent village housing units for the villagers who still end up in thatched mud houses. The said houses become alternative money generating ventures for the chiefs who in turn lease them out to the highest paying tenants. Our leaders, who ostensibly ought to represent our interest, are villainous and interested only in the betterment of their lives at the detriments of that of the villagers. Their one mission is to smother our joy, as their policies are replete with making life difficult to live in.

Just a few years ago, the king promised us free and enviable system of education. His son had just returned from an Ivy League school and now speaks English from the nose. The chiefs say that is how white men speak because they have been with them a lot. Although, we have living portraits of them at the oil fields, they spoke as if their mouths were too heavy to open. Hence, they have promised to model our schools like theirs. As a result, only chiefs own universities making it impossible for the poor to attend. The poor have scrambled to own some but they get their facilities shut down for not paying bribes since they have no godfathers. Not that there are no schools owned by the village itself, but they hardly are open and when they are, there are no teachers to attend to students.

…Watch out for the concluding part.