'A critical approach on relationship, topical issues, love, and society in a subtle way juxtaposing them with real life issues to impact real people.'

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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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Even the dragonflies this morning were lulled by the cool, sensational morning; for the first time in my life, I saw dragonflies making love, and I learned a new position too. They sure awakened into this daring show of public affection because of the massive rainfall the previous night. It was the first heavy rain of the year and it sure lived to its billing by pouring out in fashionable drops accompanied by the calm cold breeze that brought chills and fantasies of lewd desires to partners of love with able accomplices or better still leaving the singles with wet dreams.

Well I slept with my pillow firmly held close and I had no dreams of any kind for I slept like a dead horse – I did not even wake up to pee, which is a ritual for me. The new day was turning out to be one like no other. asides from the dragon flies display, it was a captivating day as the soil was soft, the air fresh with the smell of natural weed emitting its natural smell due to he heavy damp. I could still see the early morning dew dropping effortlessly in its brilliance – this was the first time I could actually see vividly the dews; maybe I never took much cognisance or it was just too heavy dew drops today not to notice. Anyway, I was elating in this unusually chilly day and the thoughts of the possibility of not breaking a sweat the whole day was such an enchantment.

Regardless of this alteration in the weather condition, there was a constant; NEPA had swiftly cut off power as soon as the wind blew in heavy threatening movements even before the first raindrop could touch the earth. They were yet to restore power as at when I left my home. It was on my way that I saw the devastating effect of the rain. Roofs blown off and trees uprooted with an unspeakable vengeance. The radio stations gave accounts and I knew NEPA automatically had something to hide their incompetence. I do not know about you but as for me, I think power outage as been incessant since they unbundled and privatised the company it has become more customary for blackouts.

Luckily, for me, the beautiful weather had not prevented me from waking up to time; I guess it must be because I have never been the type to need an alarm clock to ring my often-sleepy body to resist its programmed nature. Hence, I dashed to face my hectic routine as if it was some cookies especially because the rain must have revitalised my soul as well like the fresh Lilly. I had the thoughts of meeting Danny at the back of my mind mainly because he is a vibrant intelligent man with inspiring qualities; but also because he held fascinating conversations. You are sure to have an exceptional discussion with rib cracking sessions.

As I envisaged, the discussion was stimulating except that this time around, Danny had shocking revelations to share. I knew we were not going to discuss about the typical hike in fuel price or the current scarcity because he never likes to talk about Nigeria; his ideas are that only the people can bring about a change – revolutionary or evolutionary and the people are not capable or willing to affect any change they are pensive about. Though worried by this trend of exploitation, he would not share in my anguish. That aside, I know Danny has been single for a while now but I was flabbergasted when he revealed his last planking was with a woman that is soon to be walking the aisle. Not that I have any objection to drumming a soon to be wife of another, but I have special irritations at Danny’s reasons for being involved with this particular one.

Let me rewind back a little and give you an insight on whom we are dealing with here. The girl in question is like a ‘sister’ to Danny as he puts it, a boss respected in her place of work, with high standings among her peers. However, in the words of Danny, she loves herself ‘a long, fat pendulum and a good use of it; something her fiancé does not have.’ Hence, my friend is the saviour and she has been putting his endowed pendulum to good use, a service he duly and gladly obliges her. I told you of my disgust at Danny’s reasons right. Another of it is that, her relationship is good because of my friend and it is an arrangement they perfectly understand. Therefore, he is the man that fills an empty tank and keeps her in line to stick to her main man.

Now Danny helps hold it all together, he has been swinging his pendulum in her since they were teens and there is no place, or time they had not done it; save a church and graveyard! Now that is something to long for. According to Danny, naturally since the girl tasted the candy, she could not stop wanting more and despite his insistence on keeping it an arrangement never to lead to marriage, she stuck. After displaying my anger at his ridiculous excuses and telling him how he had no justification for his actions, with how alarmingly frightening his thoughts were, he still without any gram of remorse told me that that fiancé of hers has him to thank for still having his woman.

I knew our argument would take us nowhere. Therefore, after spending quality time, it was time to part and I could not but ponder on the event Danny has played out to me. I wondered how many relationships had people like Danny to be be grateful for still having the centre holding together? How many Danny’s were out there stringing women of the likes of this fiancé? Why do women always seek for help outside rather than finding a way to solve them? Does the size of the pendulum really matter or was it not to make rivers come out of your woman that mattered? Are we now to blame God for making the likes of Danny more blessed than others? Why is it that our women cannot stick to what they have and teach their man on how to please them?

In law, they say he who owns the land, owns all that is on it, beneath and above it and even in space. Then I thought to myself, I will prefer to own my land, mine it and knock my engine will while drilling on it rather than let someone else cart away with my oil and help me fill the tank so much so that my land does not bother what I build on it. As I always say women are difficult specie to understand or estimate. However, no matter the size of the pendulum, every man has a right to string, drill until all the oil comes out, and the land is too tired to have any cultivation by another miner. One must however pray ceaselessly not to own lands like that of Danny’s teenage lover because no matter what, there will always be the Danny they have an arrangement with.