'A critical approach on relationship, topical issues, love, and society in a subtle way juxtaposing them with real life issues to impact real people.'

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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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They say the world is a congregation of human beings and other terrestrial and extraterrestrial beings, as the sky is a galaxy of stars with space abound and infinite; thereby giving room for a display of individual brilliance without any hindrance or obstruction. Hence, the earth allows for space for every human to strive for growth and development in constant chase for perfection in all facets of life even though it is elusive. We must continually evolve and be responsible for our every action.

I have seen the world gone wrong too often than right, I have seen it get worse than better; I have seen it become more perilous than safe. The face of the earth now covered with more wickedness than good. I know people make the world and it has gone in a disastrous decline because the people have become nonchalant and ceased to be their brother’s keeper. There have been many woes because no one pays attention to their actions and the consequences, there is no accountability, and above all, there is the brutal death of love.

It is because of this dangerous turn the world has taken that I have solemnly affirmed to concentrate on the rather meagre yet significant contribution of fatherhood. I have a resolve in my mind to bring up the next generation of the golden race, to be a father (when the time comes) by the way; that will produce the generation of a God fearing, law abiding and love seeking generation. With my little contribution, since family is the cradle upon which the society formed, I hope that we start to have a change no matter how diminutive it may appear; I am sure it will not be insipid.

I have concluded there are fewer family ties in the modern world - a reason why there is loss of love! It is from the family that we ordinarily learn values of love, togetherness, support, charity, discipline, esteem, communication, appreciation just to mention a few. Since families increasingly strewn apart, the appreciation of collective unification has been dismal. Lion’s share of the blame lies solely at the feet of the fathers.

The world has seen too much mediocrity in fathers of today. Our fathers have been a crop of unabashed cowards dropping and abandoning responsibilities like a child who refuses bitter herbs. We have seen fathers who have just not shown up when it mattered most, they have refused to live up to expectations to be the head of the family guarding the paths of their family members. Therefore, I will be the father to be there for my children to teach them to fly as the eagle does its eaglets. I will not fight their battles like Bonaparte did for France but they can be sure that I will be their shield and their spears and arrows.

Indeed, I will instil discipline as Jonadab did whom after his demise, his wards refused to take wine because he told them it was a generational taboo. Be sure that when your emotions are scattered all around like spilled rice in sand, we will both pick them off and build the wonder of the world more stupendous than the pyramids of Egypt. However when you come home after breaking the laws, I will drive the madness out of your innocent mind with the rod in my mind and when you cry out your heart forming a little river, thundering with your voice, I will embrace you with love and show you the depth of it. I will help you to distinguish from evil and good, wrong and right, hate and love.

Oh, my beloved child I know God will make you from the best of his wonder and you will be a masterpiece. Therefore, you will be my earth and I will sow into you the seeds of his blessings; help you shine perfectly through my imperfections. Together with your mother who will be my heart, we will reform you through the terrible world. We will teach you to know that every step you take is a course to your destination. When you stumble or falter with your face on the ground, because of the storms of life, we will tell you of the travails of King David and the trials, and torments the battles of life threw at me.

We will teach you to value people cherish relationships and honour your words. We will breathe in you the virtues of integrity, loyalty, dedication, passion, and commitment. You will eschew betrayal, resist oppression, we will guard you and teach you to reject intimidation and denial or burial of truth vehemently. You will know that it is pertinent to stand for something so that you do not fall for anything. You will form the spirit of a crusader and you will defend morals. However, you will blaze your own path and like a fertile ground, you will choose your plants wisely and let them blossom. You will heed to wise counsel and know that it is a beloved child that a father rebukes.

Above all, I will live by example and persistently renew my love for your mother. I will honour and cherish her, never laying my hands to beat her, I will adore and appreciate her. I will let love radiate in our lives that your world, choked with so much of it, you will continually want to drown in our passion. We will show you the attributes of God, as he will reflect in us. We will meditate on his words and be in profitable company. You will learn that a stick of broom can easily be broken but a collection of it, impenetrable.

Yes we will not be perfect, we will grow miles apart and sometimes be intolerable, as a father, you will consider me stern and old fashioned. You will sometimes find me difficult, too principled and wicked because I will not only always sound my whistle but my leach on you tightly gripped. I will never be a father to shy away from my responsibility. I will stand my grounds like the ancient rock of Zuma especially when you grow to have erotic affairs. I will never indulge you when you exhibit your exuberance. However, be assured I will love you thoroughly. Because of me, you will look forward to father's day.

I will never be the father that will place anything above you, I am your earthly god, and you are my mission. You are my priority and I will shelve everything in the world to be there when you need me. I will stand by you when you stutter at a public debate, I will cheer you loudest in your games, I will dedicate my life to protecting you. You will not always have what you want, but you will never lack what you need. I will show you through the seasons of life and like the rose, you will grow through the thorns so you can appreciate and value all you have just as my mother taught me.

Did I forget to add that I would not take side? I will be impartial and objective. Like the justitia, I will bear the sword to strike when you offend, the scale to weigh sincerely and the blindfold to look into every issue without stepping into the arena of conflict.