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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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You are here: Home / THE BRUTAL DEATH OF LOVE.



A typical African wedding with no exception this is – boisterous, bubbly, colourfully decorated event centre with ‘tungba’ music hitting the air from monstrous looking loudspeakers. The hall, as is now customary is the cynosure for events of this kind and as expected, is jam-packed with all sort of faces in different uniform attires ‘aso ebi;’ I presume that all family members and groups of couple must have chosen different materials enough to form a conglomeration of rainbows at a time. I must confess however, that the ladies made a menace of the materials sewn to accentuate curves and with open slits between legs spreading to the thighs to reveal captivating skin textures, as well as blouses displaying all shapes of breasts in various cup sizes begging to be plugged out like fresh fishes; few had a gait of a baby learning his first step with their wedge shoes. This for me was the highlight of the occasion although some walked with the gait of a baby taking his first steps with their wedge shoes.

The just consummated coupled danced in to a romantic list of songs beautifully spun by the DJ. The husband was in a blue tailored tuxedo with the wife looking ravishingly radiant in her flowing white wedding gown that swept the hall along with her every dance step. No doubt, it was an occasion that filled all present with indefinable joy as the couple constantly wowed each other on the dance floor; in fact, they had to beg them to take their seat so the show could continue. With item seven served, the guests grew impatient, as it was apparent; the food would not go round to satisfy this mammoth crowd. Trust Nigerians, some swiftly swiped plates into bowls they had begged for as souvenirs and asked for more food. We could barely here the MC’s jokes as the hall became increasingly rowdy and stuffy. It was time for cutting of the cake – official first duty of the couple. Afterwards, the jamboree was over.

It is exactly two weeks after the couple had arrived from their honeymoon trip. Love was still in the air as their faces shone like a million stars with aftermath effect of what seemed a romantic getaway still obvious. However, with resumption at work imminent, reality check did not need a gauge! A bunch of mutual friends had decided we paid them a courtesy visit, which we all agreed on and subsequently, fixed a date. We agreed on a Saturday so that we could be sure they both will be home. On the said day, only two of us were available, as others due to various cogent reasons could not turn up; we drove down to the couple’s house at around 3PM. On arrival, the gate was wide open so we drove into the large compound that housed four flats. Our friends apartment was the fourth on the last floor.

We climbed the steep stairs cautiously and as we panted, we could not talk to each other just waiting to get to our destination to relax on cold drinks. As we arrived at the last floor, the door not shut pushed open by me; we were in for the most disturbing shock of our lives. There we were staring with our naked eyes at the just wedded husband in flesh and blood copulating with another woman in his sitting room thrusting vigorously into a strange woman in his matrimonial home. The two were so engrossed that they did not even notice our presence. I had been so devastated that it took the wisdom of my friend to pull me back as we gently dragged the door back to the position we met it and thankfully the wood did not betray our stealth.

We dashed down with intense alacrity that it did not seem like we were climbing the same stairs. When we got into the car, I was so perplexed and my friend very numb; I broke the silence asking that we took our leave immediately. However, he suggested that we stayed back a while and then go back so we could register our visit. Not more than 20 minutes had passed when he spotted the girl walking towards the gate and he suggested we acted as normal and unperturbed as we could. We returned to the apartment and knocked; the husband came to welcome us with warm salutations and offered us seats. We exchanged pleasantries and extended the wishes of others. He was so unruffled as if nothing strange had happened in the house. He told us his wife had stepped out to the shop and would not be back until late, which explained her why. We sort to take our leave and he escorts us out to the car.

As we drove down, we could not find an answer to such audacious mysterious adventure of the husband and we contemplated telling the wife who is more of our own friend than he is – a decision Dave strongly opposed to giving the recent wedding as an infallible excuse. We also pondered on telling our other friends and I opined that since Dave said we could not tell the wife, then telling our other friends meant a high possibility of the secret slipping to her somehow. While we parked at about two junctions, to their street, we heard a car blare its horn; we were on the road. It was the wife’s car so we parked well and exchanged hugs.

It was astonishing when she asked her friend to come say hello and it turned out to be the same woman the husband had just finished the hot session with. As I shook her, I only hoped I could just disappear. She noticed my shock and asked if I had met her before; I snapped out and replied she only looked familiar and the wife told me she was at the wedding too and was only with them for a couple of weeks until she could get her own apartment as she had just been transferred to the town.

Dave and I are still in a dilemma over what to do. If it were you, what would you do? This is really eating Dave up now because the wife is our friend and the thoughts of keeping this away is really overbearing.