'A critical approach on relationship, topical issues, love, and society in a subtle way juxtaposing them with real life issues to impact real people.'

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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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Gabby, a dashingly handsome young man, a 6 footer, which makes me look like a son to him because, I am just 5ft4”, fair and I must say attractive with his pink lips – I have pink lips too. He is a sagacious, wittingly funny man with foreseeable prospects ahead of him! Actually, he had just been promoted at his place of work, which by the way is a telecom company. As you might imagine, he has his cool cash rolling in together with an apartment furnished to taste and an end of discussion whip. If I must add, he is an eligible bachelor motivated to settle with the right one and a capable man.

My worry however with Gabby is that he is a man who loves blindly and his past relationships had ended because of being deaf and blind to obvious attributes of the type of person not to be with. Despite all attempts to encourage him on loving with his head even if only the heart can love as he claims, he remains the classic believer of love at first sight and personifies the blind lover.

It was 10pm when Gabby called to inform me of a woman he had met at work today who had come for some complains and after helping her with it, he ended up with her number. He said ‘papa, guess what?’
I replied ‘you know I hate guesses, why not just let the cat out of the bag. This one you are talking as if you won a lottery.’ I knew he only sounded that way whenever he falls in love as usual on first sighting. Therefore, I was not caught off guard when he said:
‘I just met the prettiest woman in the world and I am sure this is gonna be my wife…. You needed to have seen how elegant this girl is and something in me tells me this is gonna be it. I mean Yinka she is my kind of woman.’
Then I said ‘Gabby I have heard this severally from you and you are still single. Abegi make I sleep instead of disturbing me with all these your yeye false alarm over you finding love when we both know you love blindly.’
Gabby responded more enthusiastically. ‘Na you know, I sha know am in love and this time it will work. You are sounding like this because you have not seen her. Anyway, goodnight egbe’
He finally allowed me to sleep after we exchanged pleasantries.

It took more than two weeks before I could see Gabby. As you imagine, a lot had already transpired between the fairy tale woman and my friend. Apparently, they had gone beyond having a casual relationship, they had gone so intimate, and my friend as a selfless lover had been swayed by the girl’s charisma that he was too blind to see the truth. In this short time, the girl had celebrated her birthday; an occasion earning her a $610 LV bag. As I later found out, she was the classy type that berated everything out of her taste. She would not settle for less and she spotted Gabby’s desperation to have her, which she fully exploited.

When I saw the much talked about girl, she truly was a girl right out of the magazine; salacious, voluptuous, with lips, which though painted looked so luscious that any sane man will loose his cool around her, as they looked dipped into honey. She was of the right height, eyes that undresses a man bare; everything about her was seductive. It was obvious that she knows her worth and charms away with it for unsuspecting victims. She was all over my friend and flirted with him especially when she demanded anything from him, which made it impossible to resist. Gabby captivated by her effective spell, making him blinded to everything else. I wondered why he could not discern whenever she got angry over an attempt by Gabby to persuade her not to insist over a demand and quickly blushed as soon as he obliged her.

We dropped her off at her house and on our way to my house; Gabby spoke about her in glowing terms and exemplified how unique she was compared to his previous relationships. I asked him if he could recall ever dating any girl, he did not have to spend for while wooing her. I pointed out he had just met this damsel in less than a week and yet he had invested a fortune on her. As expected, he ignored and in response, he told me she had demanded for a human hair that costs three hundred thousand naira and he was keen on purchasing it to show his dedication. At this point, I gave up, as I was dumbfounded.

He went on telling me how nice she thought him to be and how much exceptional he is; filling her with butterflies and that she was as committed to him and making him happy as long as he kept her fulfilled. I must say however, that I paid less attention to his speech as I listened more to ‘the devil is a liar’ lyrics than his confused love rhetoric.

It is barely a week after his extravagant display of love with his account substantially sapped, I asked after the queen of his heart and he put on a long face. I became inquisitive mainly because I sought to mock him, which he was aware of. He opened up that the elegant madam had been caught pants down engrossed in the act on a surprise visit to her home. Gabby had become too devastated to pass the bitter news across to me. I stroked him at how surreal his love was and spiting him till date on how nice he is to madam smart.

Thankfully, my friend now knows that to be called the nice guy means an ‘ajao.’ The boy is nice, apa loun je be (he is profligate) and this my friend knows after he has sanwo omogo (fool's payment).