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Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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You are here: Home / HAPPY MOTHERING SUNDAY!


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This is an opportunity to write a letter to my mother not because I cannot write it on another day, but because today being mothering Sunday, marks an eminent day making the wordings of my letter auspicious carrying a meaning that no other day will give it.

Today, the world celebrates mothers who have moulded lives and fulfilled destinies. I have seen words and poems dedicated to mothers that have brought me to earth and appreciate more the immeasurable roles of our mothers. Accolades have championed expressions that have flown from the hearts of many like the ocean. Some have been utterly silent not inability to express but proving that some feelings better left unsaid.

So forgive my lack of coherence of thoughts if I fall short of succinctly addressing how much my mother means to me. I probably will never be able to capture in mere words the incredibly undiluted love of mothers for us neither will I ever be able to share the immensity of my mother’s love for me, which I am most unqualified for.

Dear mama – in the voice of 2pac, I only want to appreciate you and in my minute way showing that I will forever be indebted to your magnanimous love, which you have shown us right from the moment you conceived us. You nursed us from the womb and never took your eyes off us. Because of us, you stayed up nights without ceasing; you are our indefatigable model who never is weary of attending to our every need.

I know we will never repay your unfathomable love for us through your relentless guidance and protection. For our sake, you gave up your all just to train us in the way we should grow. At those times, we got stubborn; you chased the madness out of our hearts with ‘omo-rogun’ wooden stick and drew us close to you with your left hand. You would provide our every need through your toils and we never lack even when it is obvious you cannot afford our desires, or at your detriment, you gave us the world and told us it is our oyster.

Dear mother, love of our hearts, healer of our pains. Whenever the world pushed us down, you not only encouraged us but also taught us to stand firmly on our feet looking the world in the eyes and never making an enemy of it. You taught us to prove the world wrong and never accept impossibility. With you, I found strength to soar higher than the eagles above the sun. Today, I stand with my heads high, chest pushed out facing what the world throws at me because I am everything you made me.

Truly, you are my earthly God. I know this because the Lord must have taken his very best to make you, as you are everything in his similitude. You never gave up on me, when I feel rejected, and dejected, you welcome me warmly. Only a masterpiece of God must have the ability to love me in my lowest moments, to flaunt me at my most unworthy state. You love me steadfastly and teach me the secrets of living. It overwhelms me when you carter for me after I hurt you with my self-indulgence.

Mama I want you to know that you are my treasure, the one that brings me closer to God. You are the one that I adore. Thank you for making my dreams your aspirations. You sacrificed everything to make me achieve my goals and you supported me through it. Now, the times for you to relax watching me give you the world that you made real.

Thank you for all the sacrifices, for all the times you hid your tears to give us joy, the times you hid your disappointments to give us hope, those days you hid your pains to give us strength and those times you hid your sadness for our joy. We say to you that with God on our side, we will share many days to make you proud and fill you with enormous contentment.

Thank you, maami.

Let me also use this medium to spare a thought for those whose mothers called to heaven thus transcended state of being human to angels.