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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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I have gotten barrages of questioning and requests to know what women truly want in a man and how to keep the fire of love burning in their heart. Many have even asked me why I believe so much in love and if it were possible to love the way, I resolutely espouse. Well, if it will ease your worries, when it comes to knowing women, I am equally a novice in the field. The only thing that might stand me out is my relentless zeal to understanding their ways and not just pleasing them but basking solely in the delight of their presence enjoying every intricate bit of their anatomy, learning and avoiding their pit of anger and consequent hatred.

The idea of knowing or discovering women is one thing that no one must ever be obsessed with doing because just like the state of digestion, it is so ambiguous. Women are not just complicated and impenetrable, they are like every human: deep, unfathomable, unpredictable, and with innocuous motives. The only thing that makes them different is that they are truly an embodiment of boundless emotions rolled all into a heart that is as profound and endless as the sea. Women are a gift from heaven, a treasure cherished and a bird to set free always; never to be tamed or subdued. As Gods perfect works, they are idealists with microscopic blemishes intrinsic.

We have all heard different experts and philosophers tell us how to please women. Central to all is caring for them like they are the very life we live. They have told us how to provide for them, constantly impressing them and wooing them over with indefatigable efforts, choking them with attention. However, I tell you authoritatively that a woman needs nothing from a man to make her fall heedlessly in love with him. Indeed, you need to pamper her but you must unravel her in layers. You cannot just jump at her in one second and impress her with all the swagger of the world.

I have never been the type who believes in calling her up constantly to check up on her like a child on first day in school; at least not until you have gone deeply intimate with her. I know for sure that women love their freedom and allowing them to enjoy it makes them feel trusted, which is a sort of spark to make them fall more in love. No woman likes desperate attempts from men when chasing them though the chasing like hunting intrigues them. I also do not plug into the idea of always being available physically even though I know women court attention at least not until you are married to her. Indeed, women need you to give them basis for attraction, which is why many advice omnipresent mode. However, we must know when it becomes irritating; love never dies of starvation.

I tell you women are bothered more by the substance of a man than anything else in the world. Men of value, accomplishments, and confidence will bring the most difficult woman in the world to loving you; note though that it is not a man with pride. In my little experience in life, I have discovered that it is the exceptional man; the man with a dream, goal, and vision bigger than his ego with an unswerving will to succeed that will draw a woman like magnet. Do not get bewildered by my assertions. What makes every man different from another if not that which he can offer and do so in an excellent way?

The truth is the most amazing looks or the most dashing physique does not sway women; either will the greatest orator and charmer necessarily melt their heart like wax. The man who can conquer them is the one that moves them. By conquering, I do not mean entrapping or clipping their wings or dictating over their affairs. What I am referring to is the man who is not diffident, who is firm and attacks their hearts with other artilleries than subtleness and excessive considerations to their feelings. The truth the sternness of a man impresses them more than by overly respecting their wishes and succumbing to their demands. The capricious man puts the woman on her toes.

However adventurous or startling you choose to be in your ways, show her that you honour and value her even in your lecherous dealings and she will yield to you. The point is making her shift grounds for you yet making her feel special rather than used and you will have her heart. Women are usually presumed as the virtuous ones with loads of expectations to be perfect imposed on them. This is a known fact and essentially, why they will not settle with a man who reminds them more of it and feed them with moral talks. Every woman wants a man she can explore with, the man whom she is wild yet safe with. They want the boss who came set them free rather than make them struggle with what personality to put up with you. All they want is that man who can just want them back.

In other words, be the boss. Be authoritative not despotic, be firm but reasonable, be audacious, daring yet not imposing. Be laid back, sufficient and not depending. Be truly in love, fair but never a weakling. Be stupid enough to let her being a woman but wise enough to be the man. Be the man who dominates the world but makes her realise she is the world you live for. Hence, plainly not figuratively, kidnap her and take her to the ends of the world, be prudent with flattery and learn to cajole indirectly.