'A critical approach on relationship, topical issues, love, and society in a subtle way juxtaposing them with real life issues to impact real people.'

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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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My motto of late is to avoid all forms of negativity and by effect, anyone with unconstructive views in other to avoid downbeat vibes. After all, as our people say, a ram who roams with dogs will eat excreta. I have learnt that truly what we perpetually feed our soul reflects in our sense of reasoning and consequently, live through our actions. We are a shade of the people around us; wisdom in the midst of folly is pure foolishness as it soon corrupts a sound mind giving it a nebulous perspective.

The reason for sieving the types of people around me is that for some, the only language they understand is violence. These types of people cannot get their message across without the use of force and control bringing about utter chaos. They do not have an iota of concern for others as long as they get their desired result. These people only speak the language of coercion and brutality. The one who only speaks force is pugnacious; always seeking for an avenue to abase the other man deemed feeble so that they can start the fist and cuffs contest.

I also know of some who speak only the hate language. In all of their endeavours, there is the abhorrence tone and like palm oil on fire, their smoke chokes the life out of one. Usually, everything done by them is with evil motives. They loathe the success of others so much that they plot to cause the downfall of others. While they create a pit for one to fall into, they cover it with their questionable loyalty so that the trail of betrayal orchestrated by them achieved fully.

For me, I do not take any delight in those who speak the language of pretence. These are the devils in angelic cloaks and the most gruelling set of people to deal with simply because you never know their true intents, which are usually behind the fa├žade of undying support and love. You just find it impossible to doubt or question their sincerity, and trust me, you will make an enemy with the world in their defence. Whereas, they are the ones who are first to jump at your aid after causing your pains. They rid your eyes of the stone by blowing it out with pepper in their mouth and clothe you in the market place after stripping you off your clothes in the closet. Their motive as others is to kill and destroy you but slowly.

I obviously cannot roll with these aforementioned lots because I only speak the language of love. Well, you cannot blame me because I grew by training, to cherish and to treasure the things that matter most to me. To adore and appreciate the little things of life, which matters most. To use things and to love people not the other way round. I was tutored in the small details that the people I surround myself with are my clothes, my resources, and my pride. They are the ones that make me and not the choice designer clothes I wear or the finest, trendiest accessories I adorn myself with like an American rapper.

As I grew older knowing God, I realised he is love and began to see the god in everyone else. I began to see the beauty in the imperfection of others especially after I realised I was more blemished than all the inadequacies in any other man. I realised I can only judge the shoes I wear and never that of others. I realised as time made my hair bald that love made my heart flourish and gave my soul wings to fly with more than any energy drink could have made me. In life, I realised that to grow and live positively, I had to open my heart to pain so I could feel love from the value of its absence.

It dawned on me that love resounded all around me. My earthly god did not just tell me how much I was loved, but showed me with actions, I realised I reflected in her because each time life brought me to the ground with reasons to cry, the love shown to me overpowered me so much that I wanted to drown in being needed. I just cannot bring myself to hating knowing how transient life is. It would be a waste to time to be possessive over it and then taken away without soaking in all the wonders that are boundless. Actually, I have lacked so much of what I need most sometimes that I am not under pressure when I cannot get what I need now, as I am sure they will come.

Believe me when I say nothing good comes easy. I write on the things I do because I have felt pain only Christ can comprehend so I know what it is like to be free from such. I have hated so much it made me green with dispassion for life that now I cherish every moment even when it burns, knowing I will never get it back. I have been abandoned and broken that I have become in love with the idea of loving. In fact, when it comes to loving, I am Romeo, Jack, and Neo in one combo. I have lost priceless lives and most cherished companionship that I understand what it is to have and to behold because I never know when they will breathe their souls out.

No doubt, I am a sucker for love and an incurable believer of love because I have learnt it demystifies life. I have grown to learn that when one aches from the discomfort of love and its hopelessness, the only way to grieve over it and bury it is to love immensely and insanely again. The only language I be au fait is love. I do not just speak it too but I suffer from its dysentery. Therefore, please if you are not speaking my language, I am oblivious and incapable of comprehending your way of life as we have a barrier so conspicuous we do not need a magnifier.