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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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It is St Valentine’s Day; a day set aside to celebrate the man who allegedly died for love like many before him. The likes of Romeo, Jack of titanic, the Greek gods – Achilles and Hercules all died for the course of love. A careful observation of the main characteristics of love seems to be death because even Jesus our lord died for our sakes to redeem us unto salvation. However, in my opinion, it only highlights selflessness and the will to sacrifice beyond human consideration that distinguishes love.

Another chief attribute of love is giving. When one is in love, giving becomes an art as we indulge in the act with no form of restraints whatsoever and without any motive of receiving anything in return and this spells the reason, why the air on Valentine’s Day is always stimulated with exchange of gifts and affectionate loving. In fact, because of love, we give all of ourselves completely never wanting to let our partner be without the offering of our company.

Nevertheless, have we ever for once stopped to ponder that the day we so vigorously celebrate in most amoral and lewd ways defeats the essence of the day itself? St Valentine was a man who gave his life for the idea of loving. Preceding his death, he had literally, not metaphorically given his life in immeasurable ways. Hence, giving his life was not an issue for a man who gave his resources, attention, and time to people who suffered from different needs and this rapidly made him give his heart out completely. It never was about adorning ourselves in red and plotting how to get in pants just to avoid those thighs that gave us immense pleasure after the treat given like a sacrifice.

What I find rather troubling is the sentiment attached to love, which makes us direct our attention to a given day just to love as if other days are supposed to be fallow days of love. It is this reason that sets us on the pedestal of a lot of mishap in relationships. Really, I am bemused at how we strive at achieving perfection in a day; yet wholly dumping the passion that drives us to the pinnacle of love on this set day immediately the day and its euphoric elevation of desire ends.

As I was saying earlier, there are many mirages that cloud our perspective of love and plague our sense of judgement in choosing who to love and how to love. Now this is not about who to love or how to love. It is about championing the course of loving right and preventing us from suffering from self-inflicted life burdening heartbreaks. It is about knowing love is not for the bourgeois, wealthy or the poor alone. In fact, it is not a matter bothering on class or style. It is not about celebrating only on a given day the idea of love in erotic forms but constantly falling tenderly with the idea of loving itself. Love indeed defies all odds and defeats all sense of purpose and cerebral competence.

Love is a daily thing. It is about appreciation, selflessness, commitment, dedication, and above all loyalty. If we agree that this is the purpose of love and that it dumbfounds the most intelligent, the strongest and mightiest of men, then why must we love as if we are changing clothes? If charity is supposed to be the essence of loving, must it be with such light heartedness? I mean if love is like taking a bullet to the heart or to the head, it must be for the one worth dying for undoubtedly. It is something that even a blind man must open his eyes to before taking the leap of faith. Do not just sit in the train of love without knowing the destination.

For me, it is not enough to love only because of the gifts I am going to get or the sweet magical gorilla passion we will exchange even if it takes me to cloud nine back and forth. Of what use is that if after that day, all of our energy spent on screaming our lungs out and crying our eyes until it bleeds? If there has to be any screaming and crying, it has to be because of pendulum grinding and downloading.

Forever is very long for me and that is eternity simply put! The beautiful thing is that forever starts with each step taken today. So it is crucial to find the ‘ride or die chick,’ the one who sees the bullet and takes us both out of the way, the one who loves me most in my lowest, loving beyond love, giving me the passion that will make me dare to conquer the highest obstacles that may come my way. The one who though fills the mermaid with grief because of her striking beauty will know am not in love because of her incredulously fabulous beauty. It has to be the one who despite all the crazy white lies fed her by my disparagers and other wooers, want me to hold her down.

Yes we all looking for love. Nevertheless, must we imagine having a partner with basketball contract money or Nigerian oil mony conditioning it only to that? If truly it is love, then why can we not build together and then I will be glad to give you my MasterCard and code with no form of hesitations. We must have the ability to recognise what is real. Only then can we embrace the battle of loving because they always say it is a battlefield.

I for one have resolved to love not only because I believe in love alone but also because there is nothing more important in life than love. When I hurt from love, I got one dose, which is to love all over again as if I never did before. I learn my lessons and apply it and I ensure I do not jump ships like it were some play toy. I will rather be out of love than love a salacious and charming woman blindfolded by an alluring love. Hence, I will suggest that we go pass the mirages of love and tear the veil that prevents us from loving for the right reasons.

With so much undying love flowing in me like a spring, I wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day. Pleas be safe and wise.