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Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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Happy New Year to you all - as we have already birthed the New Year, May it fulfil all its promises in our lives. I pray this year brings about serenity to all our desires and a manifestation of targets and purposes.

Let me apologise that my first article in the year is coming a little bit late. For me, every New Year starts bubbly with my family’s annual traditional January 1 party and this year was not an exception. Hence, the last day of the old year rolls into the New Year as a singular day though it is a twin day. What I mean by this is we all go to church from 10pm of the 31st then start the New Year in the church as we all eagerly anticipate the arrival of the new day. It is truly a time to feel a rejuvenated hope. The last day of the old year is a time to anticipate a new and fresh start to living again despite shortcomings innate in everyone. Indeed, what makes the New Year so special is the soberness and gratitude for mortality; realising that regardless of how often we might have squandered opportunities and faltered with hope, there we are with another chance to make things right.

Over the years, I do not think I have missed any New Year eve’s programme. However, this year there was something different about it. I saw so many things from a different perspective. It was as if what had shrouded my vision over the years yanked off; all of a sudden, there was an illumination to things never noticed. As I settled into my seat beside my uncle at a capacity filled ‘church gogoro,’ I realised something different as all types of individual crowed the church. It has always been this way – lots of people filling the church so much so that almost half stand, many others strolling into the church hall to mingle with the congregation as the dawn of a new day beckons.

There and then, I realised it was merely a ritual for many. They believed that the new year should be started in a saintly manner, committing ways to God and calling on him to bless the work of their hands over the new year. They came to church mainly for their own benefits, for thanksgiving of life and then for the opportunity to see the new one. They are sober for the split minutes that they are under the influence of the anointing of God’s grace. These mirage they put up is nothing but hypocritical. Many come to worship straight from the beer parlour, others from sleeping with another man’s wife. For some, they had just successfully carried out an atrocious clandestine act.

As an intoxicated clumsy man stood next to my seat, it provoked me into thinking what better world we will live in if we truly worship God in truth and in spirit. If the love of God and his fear guided our sense of judgement, then love for another will be a piece of cake. It would be a beautiful world if every human in churches across Nigeria on the 1st of January, turned out to churches every month and blessed from feeding on the scriptures. It is indeed sheer profligacy to think that a day is enough to buy the will of God when truly, in our hearts, there is nothing but hate and emotional conflicts of good over evil, where many tilt more towards evil.

These occasional January 1st church attendees bear a semblance of the New Year, New resolution makers to me. They are the ones who constantly re-brand themselves every 1st of the year. You hear them say the New Year, new me statement year-in, year-out, it becomes a cliché from a perpetual habit. Really, I understand the sentiments of trying to be better with every fresh start. However, what I cannot fathom is how all they do is pay mere lips service to their commitments and nothing more. The truth is nothing changes without a conscientious effort at becoming better and constantly, resisting the urge to go back to bad habits not merely by announcing them as a resolution.

No sane individual will condemn basking in the exhilarating jubilation of the New Year, and I am not against that. What I question however, is the hypocrisy attached to the celebration. If our ways are right, then every New Year will be like every other day because, we all will be used to living right and committing to the good ways. Once again, have an extraordinary Year 2014.