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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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The New Year day was a wondrous one with the euphoria of another survival in the air, the excitement was intoxicating and quite toxic, as everyone had caught the fever of witnessing another rebirth so to say. While many were getting drunk and high on various substances, some of us managed to remember that we owed our existence to God and rather chose to celebrate the birth of the new day in his presence – it was a fulfilling one.

At the end of the service, we hurried into our vehicles amidst the various knockouts and fire works been shot into the air and sometimes into the crowd by the mischievous ones but thankfully, we got in unhurt despite the frenzy. Being unruffled and now in the vehicle, seat belts fastened and in a thanksgiving mood, a Christian tune was slotted in and we slowly moved blaring the horn occasionally for the jubilant people on the road. We had not gotten to the church junction when we had two oncoming cars drive recklessly towards us and there was only a service lane left as there had been double-parking of cars on both side. My uncle chose to reverse his vehicle and as we got to a place where we had created enough space for the two cars to park so we could move on as it was our right of way, we stopped. Only for one of the vehicles to still, brush our car.

Like programmed robots, we all jumped out of the car and immediately ordered the driver out. There was a huge ruckus as the occupants rather than admit their guilt, sort to claim some unimaginable rights. Pandemonium erupted as the other men from the second car came out to jump at the drivers defence. We were all outraged although we kept our cool especially after realising the stench from their mouth – they were stoned on substances. Their arguments were out of line and dispute was escalating out of proportion. There was a feeling to deal with them and make them pay for their wrong but somehow, only the driver kept apologising and am sure my uncle must have gotten irritated at the developing scene, he ordered us all to go into the vehicle and he drove away.

When we narrated the event to my other uncles upon getting home, they were livid and insisted we had not done enough. That the uproar should have been so much that it would have gotten to them at the church. Many suggested that we should have allowed it degenerate into an affray and then have them arrested and jailed. I was taken aback by these insinuations and I could not but ask why executive, respectable, and reputable men in the society will loose all sense of decency and engage in public fracas.

One of them said to me ‘amofin, do not let your position in the society take away your rights’ he went on explaining that by virtue of our lawless society, many people take laws into their hands and if you allow them, they will rub you off yours when you are entitled to them even by birth. He recalled our experience on the express when the police convoy had moved us out of our lane and while we returned after they had left, a commercial bus driver attempted to get us off the lane in his attempt to take advantage of the space left behind. We warned him but he refused to yield. Am sure he must have thought we would not want a scratch on our new Jeep. We regained our spot and then parked right in front of him at the express causing a hold up. He ranted and by the time all my uncles and friends had gotten out of the jeep, before I got down, the driver was flat on the floor, as they had brought him out and thought him a lesson of his life. We proceeded with many thoughts in my head.

On a different occasion, a boy had been rude to my uncle and he was going to beat him up. I tried to stop him because he could just have had him thrown out by the police and even jailed. These men can get you out of a problem with the police through the police yet he did not mind a scuffle. When he had settled in, he said you have to show these boys that because you wear a Rolex and have some stomach does not mean you cannot deal with them personally and still incarcerate them. That is why when an okada man recklessly drove into his car. He got out without saying a word and just struck off his side mirrors, seized his helmet and drove off.

As much as I find it difficult coming to terms with most of their philosophy, I cannot but agree that in this country, we have to stand up for our rights since there are no proper channels to enforcing them. According to him, you must be able to fart in public and they can even wish you ease and ‘I gerrit.’ 

When next you see me taking laws into my hands don’t blame me. Blame the lawless society. After all, we are all our own government.