'A critical approach on relationship, topical issues, love, and society in a subtle way juxtaposing them with real life issues to impact real people.'

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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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It was a chilly Tuesday morning in the savannas; the clouds painted the heavens in their thickest forms giving the earth a blue semblance and it seemed the sun would be in coma after setting. As he stepped out to start his day dashing through after waking up late, he looked to the heavens and saw two birds having a fight; momentarily, he thought to himself, the one on top always wins. He was sure it would be a beautiful day; at least the sun will not be shining its hot face.

For some reasons that could not be pinned, he was so vibrant this morning that the hold up did not dull his spirit. As he was listening to some R&B through his plugged earpiece on his new choice smart phone, a call came in – it was his boss. ‘Sorry am running late sir, there is a little glitch and I will soon be out. Okay sir…. Yes I know and I will be there soon sir… thank you…’ apparently he was to meet a client with his boss over some crucial deal so they could draft the MOU.

He thought briefly how nice his boss has been to him since he joined the firm; he was not just his new mentor but a father too, he showered him with immense love and was magnanimous with favours whenever he needed one. In fact, he had had dinner at his place a few times with his entire family. Oga’s madam was a beautiful woman in her fifties and she looked every inch a twenty-five year old with her warm smile and perfect low cut. They have a beautiful daughter he met once. ‘Oh my gudu lord’ he said out loud shocked at his stray mind, he snapped out but she is fine as a Greek goddess. He has had to fight the impulse to ask her out on a date because he is the one girl at a time type of man. The next bus stop was his so back to the business of the day.

He was 30 minutes late and his boss was irate, understandably so. Oga does not condone lateness. Usually when it comes to meeting clients, he believes in punctuality and he says ‘treat every client like your master and your job never dies.’ For him it was important to be available minutes before the meeting so that one could settle in. He offered little explanation as he was in no mood for excuses. He settled into his office and even his colleague sensed the excitement in him as his energy filled the room. By the way, Tunde is a young man married to the voluptuous Amara – the girl from the south that is what he calls her. They have two lovely kids already who have their mother’s beauty but the agbalumo eyes of their father. He has not met them but they pride Tunde’s desk.

‘How far bobo watin dey do you wey you dey jump up and down like pikin wey them just buy bicycle for, se you don port your babe cherry ni?’ he asked mockingly.
‘Bros you for don give me notice say you wan yab me naa. How I dey jump now? Anyway, me self no know why oh but I think I woke up on the right side today. And as pa my babe…..’

The phone rang and Tunde said ‘hold your thoughts.’ He picked the call ‘hello sir... Okay sir... He is here, yes... will tell him right away.’ The boss asks that you join him at the parking lot. I guess we will continue when you get back. Best wishes okay. He rushed out with such alacrity that Tunde only had him say ‘thank you’ by the time he was at the stairs although he had uttered it at the door.

He was happy he was the first by his boss’s car. As he adjusted his TM tie, his boss walked to the car with his PA; a tall fine slim fair young woman in her late twenties who had just finished her MBA from a prestigious UK university held his briefcase in one hand, and files of documents in the other. She had brown eyes and some intimidating calmness about her. The boss stared round rather inquisitively and just as he was about to utter his words, the driver darted out from the public toilet. ‘oga am sorry sire, I had to quickly empty my bowel, I ate beans earlier and am sure it was not freshly made.’ It is okay can we take our leave now.

As the boss relaxed into the ‘owner’s corner,’ his delectable efficient PA sat beside him with the armrest separating them. He sat in front while ‘omoboy’ the driver, held on delicately to the wheels of the posh car. Omoboy is an averagely educated man with lots of charisma you will think he graduated from Cambridge after having a conversation with him. As he drove on, he was enjoying the chilly AC, it was right for his mood. He was about to close his eyes for a quick nap, when the PA tapped and handed over a document. He read carefully, digesting its contents until they arrived at the client’s office.

The meeting was a successful one. We were impressed by their grandeur gigantic edifice, and how smoothly and efficiently their operations ran at a consistent beehive level, they were more awestricken by their show of mastery in the field when they presented their document with such finesse that even he wondered at their deftness. Their boss was in a jubilant mood offering to take them all for lunch at a 5star hotel in Lagos. With smiles on their faces, they ordered our meals and he had grilled fish with chips, which he ate voraciously with his hands. The boss ordered a Spanish red wine, which tasted like chocolate, it must be his favourite, and the four of them finished the bottle.

He was too happy he decided to call his girlfriend – a girl he only started dating three months ago, precisely August 25, but was sure they would soon become one. They connected right from start; their love story is a strange one though they never met. She finally accepted to be his after years of wooing her over the phone. After she said yes to him, he sprang into action, met with her and after the meeting; all he could plan was marrying her. Just after they met, she got a transfer to a northern state. Well, that is how their love affair started concisely.

She was busy at work and suggested that chat via messages. He thought today must be a day made by heaven to please him; all was going too well than envisioned. He raised the issue of her coming to spend her holiday-leave with him for some days. She seemed to have a problem with spending days. She would only sacrifice few hours and all attempts to get reasons off her turned on deaf ears. He was of the view that they needed to know each other more and since they have only met once, have distance to contend with, it was imperative they took advantage of it. One thing led to another, she was not going to bulge and wanted the argument ceased without a valid reason as to why they could not spend time together. He refused to back down and got the shock of his life when her next message spelt out in clear terms how she was no longer interested in the relationship and had her mind made up.

With that, his tummy felt like it had swallowed a poison; the fish was biting his stomach finding a way out of the poison and he could feel a sour taste in his tongue. It was suddenly hot in the car – he took his tie off. Then gave it a last attempt finding all the energy that had come effortlessly all day to sum his affections for her, he must have promised her heaven and earth. It did not work! It was late so the boss offered to drop them at a park and he offered them some money for transport put in envelop – it was bulky. He put his in his inner pocket trying to keep a calm face. ‘Why are your fingers shaking’ he asked. It is the excitement sir. The driver drove off.

Left to walk to the park with the PA, he took off his suit. ‘Nice suit, I like zarf products’ she said. Thanks were all he could utter. He woke up wondering where he was. All remembered was walking to the park; oh, he remembered collapsing but what had happened? Why was he in a very neatly arranged room tucked in a duvet with only his drawers on? He was confused, needing answers, the PA walked in and narrated to him how he had slumped leaving her confused, she brought him home and he has since been asleep. He was ashamed as he asked ‘hope I didn’t give you much trouble?’
Not at all as she said with a charming smile. So tell me, what was going on in your head?