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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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Compliments of the season good people, I hope you all had an amazing celebration. Well, for me it was the first outside of my home with my family that is although we kept in touch via the only gift our government has given us since its existence – GSM. Nevertheless, it was not any less splendid as I opted to celebrate with my newly married bosom friend – Ade and his new lovely wife Adeola; by the way I was the best man – my first time and I felt so humbled by the experience. As we celebrated together, though with my heart at home, my heart beat for more love. They sure are an amiable and adorable couple.

In other words, I was drowning in so much love that the weight though heavy was delightfully appealing and I found myself caught up in the wedding fever. I mean I knew there and then, how much I wanted a woman to look in my eyes and tell me she loves me, and I will in turn say I love her more; and have an argument over that. Planning a holy matrimony and it will be about pleasing each other, called a pet name, and then I thought to myself we all start living when we are married.

This is the one partner we are going to spend the rest of our lives with more than with any other human on earth. What then is required to have the wedding I so intensely crave for and find the one I will lay next to for eternity? At least, am sure, when I find, even when it is in the raining reason, then we would go to the moon to be joined, and if it were in the dry harmattan season of my tropical country, I would take her to the antatica for that purpose. However, an issue bothers my mind most as it does many others.

It is no other than what it takes to keep the honey. For many they have done all they know in the books just as I have adhered to those guidelines too. However, none of those patience, attention, loving, kindness, affection, and care has seemed to land many of us in the eternal bond of marriage. Our partners often find a flaw in our attempts; either we over do them or barely do them at all; there is always a point we fall short. As important as the entire aforementioned are, I am of the view that it takes more than our efforts and attempts to keep the one we love. It takes a connection, a will to love with flaws, the desire to want to stick even when there are all indications we should not, the passion that drives us to wanting to live our lives for those we love no matter what. Our ability to find the beauty in their annoying nature whether they are grouchy or grumpy or proud and rude, we just feel they are our responsibility. Above all, it takes the money to keep the honey.

Many are going to take me up on this I know but folks if only we can be true and real to ourselves, we will know that since money became the only means of acceptable legal tender, the world has evolved around it. Even in the ancient days, there was always a means of exchange. Why then do we often consider that all a woman wants is money or that is all they know when in the real sense, that is the only way to keep a good one. Yoruba people say ‘obe to dun, owo lo pa’ meaning, money makes a delicious soup.

My point here is this; as much as am embittered with the idea of a woman making demands and centralising her relationship on needs, the truth actually is that a responsible man will know his duties and performing them will prevent her from asking. Let me be clear that a woman who loves you will not place you on such terms. It is because we forcefully ignore pointers that indicate we are with the wrong ones that make them start to exploit us. Without any form of deceit or pretence, we need money to keep that honey we have in our lives. Either because, we take her on dates or provides for her essential needs, or we buy her the latest trendy wears. By giving her comfort at home through the purchase of household machines that will make her jobs easier.

It could be an attempt to ease her pain by attending to the matters that trouble her soul. In numerous ways, the only way to go about it is with money not just with words of mouth or being there with no real impact. The sweetest love in the world will not produce food into plates neither will it make our responsibilities go in a flash nor buy her all the things that makes her exceptional. The problem we all have is we want the best honey without wanting to pay the money for the chocolates that make it sweeter.

Let us think of it, nothing good in life comes cheap, ask Nigerian politicians how much they invest so they can get the position they desire. If they can, why can we not do more to have the woman we going to spend the rest of our lives? And if you doubt that, come ask me how much my mama’s wedding dress cost her in Paris or how much Adeola’s cost in the UK and the price of the rings Ade invested in; maybe you will wake up to reality that only the honey well soaked in money, sticks and loves most.

Enjoy your boxing day; do not engage in the gloved contest but in unpacking your gifts of your merry Christmas and help me all to wish my bosom friend a ‘happily ever after’ life.