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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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You are here: Home / HAPPILY EVER AFTER?



Usually when it comes to marriage, we mostly think that after we make and seal the nuptial agreements and have vows exchanged, our partners are ours forever, and all works on making it stronger, forging it as two irons abandoned like Nigerian projects. We no longer care to do the things that earned us their love because we are sure they are going nowhere. Yet we dwell on the ‘happily ever after’ cliché.

This piece today is going to be a bit explicit, sex concentrated and quite vulgar but only because I have to keep it real. However, let me sound a note of warning that all pieces of advice here are strictly directed to the married couples. For those of us that are single, the Bible expressly forbids us from sex, even though a lot of us have made a habit out of eating the forbidden fruit, becoming a professor in that field!

From my little experience and research, although am not married yet and never have been but hoping to be soon too, I have come to realise that two things are the major causes of broken marriages or strained love life between couples. These two things are SEX and COMMUNICATION. By the way, it is the lack of it as there can never be an excessive dispensing of either. In fact, little of it is what leads to awry situations that make the marriage irreparable.

I do not know if you have heard of this ‘women are like roof tops; if you do not nail them well, they end up on your neighbour’s roof.’ Without disrespecting women, what I mean by this is that a woman must be satisfied in such a way that she turns purple and glows with the joy of a full-blown sexual satisfaction. I tell you if you make your woman fulfilled in this area, you have no troubles worrying about her cheating. Similarly, the glee in her will be so conspicuous that others will notice. This type of woman will not pay attention to another man – trust me.

Many say you must satisfy your woman in the bedroom alone. However, I fail to concur with this stance – logical as it appears though. Am of the opinion that you should defile the whole landscape with her orgasms and take it to another galaxy if you can. Let your bedroom, kitchen floor and cabinets, dining table, cushioned chairs bear her squirts. The walls in your house must bear witness to your escapades and have tales of conquests.

It is germane to say women are very different when it comes to taking them to heights they never thought they could attain. Some go there through penetration, others through foreplay, indeed some will cum by you talking dirty or by your touch. This is where communication comes in. you must let your woman tutor you on how best to take her there – she is the real coach so men let go of the ego. I know for sure though that women bask in the sheer delight of trying to unravel them. Nevertheless, all women love foreplay before engaging in the real act, simply because it takes them longer to get there before us. So why not give her a massage with chocolates all over her body and then gently lick it off? Go down south on her; be the cunnilingus guru, let the river of her satisfactory explosion from her cryptic passage flow into your mouth. Treat every part of her body right, pay close attention to it, and show it some tender loving.

I cannot but mention how important it is to find out the position your woman is perfect in. Be it the butterfly position that can be spiced with the pillow under her to lift the pot, missionary position, cowboy or reverse cowboy position, as well as the touch your toes or whatever angle you might want to place her in, ensure she is in so you get her concentration. Her concentration is germane because women are a very emotion mental being. You have to work on her mind to get the best out of her and that is by finding out what makes her happy and doing it consistently.

I know it is a major issue on the number of times couples should ‘plank.’ I will suggest that there should be no restrictions, constrictions, or cautions of any kind. Brother Paul emphasised on the importance of sex in marriages when he said the body of spouses belongs to each other, and none denied except when in agreement or in fervent prayers. After all, that is why he advised that those who cannot be single and keep their flesh in control should marry! The preacher also said two are better than one for when one is cold the other can keep him/her warm.

This is not a one-way thing and am sure the lady will go to any extent to satisfy a man who rocks are world. For men, sex is a nature; fulfil his fantasies and satisfy his belly and he will be your robot and that rod he carries, will owe true allegiance to your paradise.

Essentially, what am saying is a ‘happily ever after’ is attainable when you communicate by expressing your innermost desires to your partner and by not being caught in the act of just having ‘sex’ but making magical love while holding each other in high esteem.