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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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Pursuing this thought has been an uphill task. As I try to articulate the line of thoughts that stream from a lot of others it becomes increasingly difficult to pin them down to form a coherent view because as one thought jumps into my head, while am still grappling with interpreting it, another leaps in and chases that one out as a house owner does a rat. When that finally tries to settle in like a proprietor then another thought dances in my head. This I have been struggling with but finally I will reveal the secrets of my head as the drum reveals its tunes when slapped by the hands.

I have pondered seriously on what makes a man and in all my research to get different perspective to this issue, I have keenly paid rapt attention to the things that human attach value and substance to as those, which makes them who they are. To some, it is the status they have attained that they consider pivotal. For others, it is the money, cars, and houses that they deem as what stands them out. However, in all my findings, I have come to discover that that not any of the temperaments aforementioned that makes a man. Not to worry, I hope I can illuminate more articulately on what makes a man in my view despite the clog of thoughts.

Forgive me if I always make recourse to the wise book; it is because it is the fountain from which my beliefs emanate. The wise book says a man’s work makes way for him and he who is diligent in his work will stand before kings and princes. Taking a queue from this, I realised that our ancestors after the birth of a child sought from the diviner what his destiny is. This entails finding out on what type of job he can do and how to help him achieve this. For me this was a major help in helping a child tailor his life in his destiny. Must this trend continue? That is not my argument as am a staunch believer in finding oneself by constantly paying attention to discovering our ground.

I will love to share a story with us, one story that happened by chance really. It is the story of a man who drove the bus I was in on my way to my bosom friend’s house. As we, all know in the city, where the hustle is red, senseless and overwhelming traffic jam that freezes your feet from laborious positioning in the bus is synonymous to Lagos. After several hours of commotion and impasse caused by the exodus of cars, a chat ensured between the driver and I. My opinion of him was not quiet pleasant after he was asinine to me initially insisting that I sat in a particular way because of his gear. I just hated Lagos more and their public transport system and I decided to be stoic throughout the journey.

However, the seemingly interminable hold-up had its way and somehow; the driver and I got talking. Maybe he sensed I was incensed at him still, he asked if I was from Osun state as my accent with Yoruba did not seem too fluent. I immediately brushed him off with a firm NO to his answer. He would not just stop asking me questions so I finally forgave him in my heart and then we chatted away. What struck me most was that he spoke averagely fluent English and as if he was in my head, he eased the burden by telling me he was a graduate at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University.

He said ‘oga as you see me ehn I no just be lousy driver oh’
I asked ‘why then did you start driving?’
‘oga na naija cause am naa, I could not find a job for years after I graduated so I got this bus and started driving it myself’
Then I was stunned to say the least and commended his courage to take such bold step.
He confessed: ‘it was not easy for me starting oh. Many of my friends abandoned me and called me names. Nevertheless, I strived on because I know they would not feed me. As I am now, I own a camry car I cruise around town when am not doing this job and a ten-bedroom house where I rented eight out and live in two. Oga all of this gotten from the job I do. Now my friends come to me for help - same ones that laughed at me.’

There was a brief silence between us as other passengers either wanted their change or demanded him to change the music blasting from his speakers or turn it off or increase it. He needs to buy some fruits that night so he could get the change for his passengers. He bought banana and another conversation ensued.

‘oga take banana naa’ but I declined telling him “my mahn am so tired oh I cannot even eat. I just wan reach home make I find correct food chop” then he laughed and said ‘you no be like woman they always want banana, I get one wey no dey tire if I dey go meet am, na to drink alomo (big one oh) and enough energy drinks cos she no dey tire’
I could not stop laughing and I said ‘you know women now, you ask them to eat banana, they say that is all you want with them but once you give them banana, they start wanting more’
It was then he told me that ‘all they want is what they can get from you but once you get one wey no even want anything that is the one. You see me, I go marry soon cos me don get correct woman. I knew her mum cos she used to help me then and we got close. Once I met her daughter, I knew that was my wife but her mum asked if I was sure as she will not want watin go make am hate me oh. “you have to be sure you want to marry my child” oga this girl if she comes and I give her money say owo motor e re, she go say “I get money to go back oh if I no get, I no go come” there is nothing I cant do for this girl’

Our discussion cut short because I had to alight at the last bus stop and we exchanged pleasantries. On my way to Ade’s place, I got thinking and it dropped to my mind that hands make a man. Nothing in this world will take a man to his dreams than his hands. By this I mean it is what we do that determines who we will be or who we will be. Be it the cars or houses we own, or our jobs, they do not make us; it is what we invest our time and efforts on that makes us. One’s work saves from poverty. Do not be like the sluggard who sleeps yet wants money and when you give him money, you offend him more.

Truly, the palms of a man do not deceive him. No matter what, keep at it; just like the hunter who goes for a kill toiling with no game, if he gives up, he will never feed himself. The hunter stays all night that kills the elephant the whole community will feed on. No individual will shoulder your responsibility, the hands of a man that saves one from misery.