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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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These elders have spoon fed with so many custom and tradition. Telling us how they are the mirror of our lives reflecting the very origin evolving from an accepted usage over time. They tell us to uphold the custom of our ancestors like our very life, guarding and shielding it from any form of infiltration or adulteration. In fact, they croon it into our ears that customs are the fabric upon which the thread of our lives permeates.

Such customs: as the reverence of our carved gods and those artefacts, how it was important to marry every young woman out as a virgin, together with honouring and respect given to everyone irrespective of age, class or status – especially our elders! The tradition of submission to kings as they were regarded deities. Indeed, these customs were endless.

Nevertheless, elders, now we know the customs you entrusted us with are ideas and principles to cover your shameful ineptitude and unforgivable alteration of nature. They were just rules borne out of astonishing ignorance and ridiculous contemptible inexperience. They are a grand scheme at covering your outrageous excesses.

Indeed, the customs you so espoused never valued by you. You are guilty of breaking the highest law of the land – you traded your own people into slavery! To what purpose did you sell out your people? In exchange of a mirror, a deceptive tool used to brainwash you. You schemed and connived with taking our men from their family under their hut like thieves in the night snapped in chains and shackles, whipped with rods like monkeys, while you wondered at the brilliance of watching your dirty teeth in the mirror all day. A mirror a pebble of stone could buy.

What nonsense do you speak of a custom where you traded the virginity of our women for combs and paints on your gorilla nails? Giving our firm and fully breasted women to the warmth of the ‘oyinbos’ who get their skin red as they are left in awe of the agility and strength of the African woman. Who then in turn leave us with ‘Stephens’ and ‘Philips’ with an albino skin?

I wonder if you thought we would sleep forever and not discover your atrocities. Well, thanks to education that your ‘oyinbo’ masters and friends left us with, we have dug out the rotten carcass of your shenanigans with maggots revealing the memory of all you did. Now there will be a skirmish, as we know now that you sold the so-called gods in exchange for sweets and cast-off goggle frames. No incredulity you declared it a shrine and gave the privilege of going in, to a few.