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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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In the past decades, there has been a high spate of migration of Nigerians to other parts of the world. For some reasons, the United Kingdom has been a first choice destination for many, either for educational reasons or search for a greener pasture. The reasons for this massive exodus among youths especially though quite worrying, are not ludicrous. The reasons can be pinned on a shrinking economy, lack of job or loss of it, poor social and infrastructural facilities, as well as an alarming porous security of lives and properties and a dwindling standard of living.

The main objective for writing this neither rests on the reasons for this egress nor attempts to proffer a panacea to this trend but on the atrocities many youths commit in this host countries and the resultant effect on the general image of others; most of whom are unmindful of the problem this has created.

It is no news that out of desperation, many travel with fake documents, travel on outrageous conditions putting their lives at a peril, or exceed their stay in an attempt to avoid returning home. They therefore engage in loathsome activities and put themselves in daunting scenarios just to ensure they find a way of life around their horrible situation. Many get involved in clandestine acts becoming heartless. Before you start to wonder where I am going to with this, let me say that the least they care about is the consequences of their clumsy life.

One of the things our boys especially do is to mess around white the white girls and indeed any girl as long as they have the ‘red p’ all because of their chase for the red passport. They become the modern sex slave and are at the mercy of these citizens who know they hold the key to the men’s better life. Sadly too is that to avoid deportation, they stay indoors serving the needs of their benefactors losing all sense of dignity.

More miserably is how they live a bogus life simulating it all as if it was a real life. It would have been nice if only they did this and it does not affect others. But they are caught in the act of turning themselves into machines; snatching other girls and breaking up countless relationships and painting Nigerian men as home wreckers. If a UK babe meets you now, and she discovers you are a Nigerian, she will take to her heels as if you harmed her in a previous life. Undeniably, the fear of a Nigerian man is the beginning of wisdom across all boards, they are the main reason why baby mama’s are on the rapid upsurge.

Many Nigerian boys have nothing doing anymore other than to hang around barber shops in their sales clothes, freshen up to no good purpose other than to prey on innocent girls who they intend to impregnate and have babies so they can get their red passports. There are many today on the Nigerian streets with many children to different mothers who cannot even return to UK after they attempted to make such union legitimate. I bet if you meet anyone online or get introduced by your friend who resides in UK to any lady even if she is Nigerian, as long as she resides abroad and knows you are a Nigerian man, she will not just flee but dub you as being evil and do all in her power to steer clear of you. They castigate us now for the grave spiteful act of our own men who have not just soiled our image, but destroyed whatever is left of the Nigerian reputation.

Similarly, Nigerian girls are in the act now, as they marry white men. It would have been awesome if it were for love. However, it is all in a bid to secure their lives and that of their unborn children. They all want to provide a better platform for their wards to have access to the modern life with a secured future. Many who do not follow this trend, and who have the means, go abroad to deliver their babies so they can be citizens and the children their ticket to a better life if need be for relocation.

As much as am a proud Nigerian not because of what my country has done for me or that am proud of the nation but because I have come to accept that I cannot change that fact, I will like to say that this trend crushes me. Let me also mention that this is not just peculiar to the Nigerian gene but to that of the ‘modern man’ who has no shame, no sense of responsibility and lack dignity. Nevertheless, there are some Nigerian men who still has integrity as their mantra.