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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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My barber’s shop was unusually crammed and boisterous today. Not that it never used to be filled before now, but today was different; there were about twenty of us waiting to have a hair cut to each barber so much so that even I who has been a customer for over a decade could not find a seat and had to stand to wait for my turn.

I realised something that I have quite been oblivious too; not by any scruple or oversight of mine but due mostly to the fact that my long patronage has earned me some preferential treatment overtime which prevented me from having to wait to sop up the electrifying ambiance. Today however, was different I had no choice but to wait and I enjoyed every bit of it that I did not even want to leave when it came to my turn.

Let me give the women heads-up – especially those on their FBI mission about their men – on the attachment of every man to his barbing saloons. It is the rumour mill for men; a place where all our little gossips, jokes all go down together with our mischief’s fully on display with no caution. We brazenly flaunt our ego and that is the only place I see a man let down his guards like a child. We laugh profusely, thoroughly and sincerely. The barbers shop is the only place today where all men are equal. You want to trace a man’s steps and know his ways, go to his barber’s shop; that is where he is mocked and insulted regardless of his status even if not be to his face.

Just like what a beauty shop is to a woman, so is our barbers shop! We know we do not fix all the lace wigs and attach the artificial ‘natural hair’ of other women fastened to ours; we also show class with our barbers shop. I remember as a kid taken to a shop where we had tea and watched TV in an air-conditioned saloon while we had our hair trimmed. Now although we all use our own clippers, we still go to where they have their clippers sterilised and read Newspapers while in line and some even offer us premiership matches live for viewing.

Back to the gossips, you want to know the amount of crates of beer your man drinks or how much he cannot take until he is at a stupor and the way he misbehaves when he has gone pass his gauge, follow him to his barbers shop. Even some lecherous words said that reveal what a philanderer your man is, or the number of rounds he will last in a contest *winks*. We attack each other more and that is where we are different from our women, who gossip mainly about others. Stroking each other on the shape of heads (by the way I saw a man’s head look literally live beans with all the curves,) our foul behaviours, and the barber chips on from time to time with countless comparisons. Attacking the shapes of our heads and how unkempt most men keep theirs leaving it with lots of scalp infections.

I guess I enjoyed it more considering that we are in the football season and you need to hear the nicknames they have dubbed some of these football stars. RVP ‘elese kodoro’ he was accused of battling the little kid in him even while attempting a spot kick. Also, you hear them call CR7 the goal machine; someone said ‘he was born with football at his feet’ but I think he is an hardworking professional and how Messi is way pass his prime – in my opinion that dude never has been better than CR7 although I did not voice that out. I think Ronaldo has been a victim of football politics and I predict this is his year.

Before I forget, we also make loads of friends at our barbers shop. Moreover, come see us all start fronting and sparkling at the delight of having a woman in our midst. If she comes for a cut that even makes it more awesome. In short, a barbing saloon has a huge semblance of a beer parlour.