'A critical approach on relationship, topical issues, love, and society in a subtle way juxtaposing them with real life issues to impact real people.'

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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

I do it for me

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Deep in the night under the shadow of darkness with the blackness as cover like a blanket, the rats scurry around and roam in jubilant fashion as king of the nights. Their affairs administered when we all are fast asleep. They plan and map out strategies that affect us. In their chattering squeaks, their voices rage on like the murmurs of a lost spirit. With their brown eyes, which are sharp in sighting cherries from afar? They watch with keen interests eating our hard-earned labours away with darkness their reliable ally; waggling tails in the delight of a protruding belly fed by food stored away for rainy days.

They are the rats that eat our properties and like Oliver twists always ask for more. They eat so that they can destroy us eventually, leaving us with nothing. They are the does of evil acting in the dark and evading us while they dig up holes in our walls, exposing our belongings to strangers. They get confrontational stamping us on our feet when we shine lights to their hidings scampering around to seek refuge from the sudden illumination. Like the proverbial man who smiles at one to his face while stabbing us as soon as we turn our backs, eat out feet and blow air to it to ease the pain.

The voices of the rats that I understand are the voices of our bad politicians. Our politicians who united our agitated spirits with their clarion call to chase the white imperialists only to turn upon us like the serpents that pierce the ankle. They are our own people who wear flowing agbada to deceive us they are not white spirits in suit. Using their two-sided mouth, which is sharper than the fiercest blades one to get our thumbprint crawling on their bellies like lizards concealing motives in it and the other to eat our collective tax standing on us with capitalist structures and policies? Where were those policies preventing job opportunities and our men from working? When they promised us electricity and roads?

Now they bring their international allies, from countries where they stack up our trillions that make the heart want to wrench away from the body, as expatriates preventing our boys from achieving top positions and then trade our women for pounds sterling on their waterbeds.

The voices of the rats are the voices of our cankerworms that never recede from eating deep into our flesh. They use our monies meant to better our hospitals and make our air that is a death trap safer to redeem their generation from wretchedness. They would rather travel abroad for a toothache because the hospitals we have cannot give adequate treatments.

Our politicians are our rats that walk on our roads lamenting on their dreadful conditions crying, swearing and calling on ogun to witness that they will close the mouths the roads have opened that swallow human blood if only we can vote for them. Pretending they care as if we do not know they give the roads stomach so that they can bring out contracts to patch it up and use the money as private allowance. Alas when we turn out en mass on election day, as if it were for a yam festival, and we make them ‘chairmen,’ they promptly order for the latest Range. Saying the roads will break their backs in a saloon car as only jeeps can ply our roads bumping into the road belly, splashing mud water on us to repay our trust and the bureaucracy involved in getting funds out for repairs of the roads as we are left with empty promises.

The voices of our politicians are ear splitting thereby screeching our very lives. All they do is set up adhoc committees to look even into flood cases as if victims are some fish lost into the ocean. They wail over our sorry educational system but quietly send their kids to world’s best ivory towers.

Our rats are the ones that eat us deep, gradually alienating our rights and privileges, feeding us with crumps while hooking our necks to ensure we suffocate.