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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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Incidents that has been happening of late globally and particularly in our immediate society, have been an eye opener to our societal debacle that has its roots either directly or remotely in the lack of individuals to planning ahead.

In all facets of the nation, and across all strata of our collective individual endeavours, it is obvious that most of the problems and challenges we are facing are due to a lack of proper planning for our future. We can all find instant faults and easily point accusing fingers at the society, the next individual, or circumstances for our incompetence and inability to be resourceful, thereby having the capacity to face present challenges. Nevertheless, is it not every individual’s responsibility to have a blueprint to secure a better tomorrow? Is it not what we become that reflects on the society?

Tomorrow though not assured, will secure itself with the seed we sow today. Our tomorrow is a reflection of the life we live today. The importance of a better tomorrow cannot be overemphasised; it is not just for our sake, but also for that of those who matter to us else we become a miserable liability. Therefore, we must make the best use of every moment in our life and make every opportunity count.

The problem is we often know what is right but do what is convenient. The right thing is to do the mental work that the race of life demands; if not, we will end up doing that mental work on the earth. What a lazy man fails to do in his youth, he will do at his latter stage. It is a fact that in life, nothing comes on a platter of gold; it requires sacrifice, serious efforts, and painstakingly planning for every goal and desire.

Planning is the cradle of an assured future. Involving in things – not necessarily immediate, that will yield benefits is the key. Also getting ourselves prepared in all its ramifications, be it education or vocational training. Whatever field we choose, we must be an expert so that come what may, we are a force to reckon with, which will put us at an advantage to be relevant.

Similarly, investing our resources is not a bad idea. We can pay ourselves with specific sums; for example, into an investment not seen for a given period; intended for an exponential increase bringing about a principal increase. Such investments can be in insurances of all kinds, which takes care of those insured and meet those needs at their due dates. Some of these insurances can outlive us and serve the needs of those behind. We can also put money in stocks and bonds at early stages that will then be a source of income at latter stages. No form of investment is unworthy because what might be meagre at present might turn out to be fortune.

Even for those who have parents to use the pen to siphon funds for their benefits or who have inheritance, there is still the need to be prepared and possess qualities that can stand one out because money not worked for can hardly last. However, when one labours, there will be the proficiency on how to manage funds.

Focus is germane as well as sufficient guidance in our choice of work/field. What works for A no matter how successfully, might not work for B. Therefore, we must discover our interest and be dedicated to it until we find success through it also. We must learn not to switch location often so we can build customer relationship and reliance.

Furthermore, when a job brings us profit, it is mandatory to keep reinvesting such profits back into our businesses for expansion and growth. We must train and retrain ourselves in our chosen fields to meet the demands of an ever-emerging world else, we are unsought subsequently bringing about the death of our business.

In addition, we must be conversant with the fact that capital is not a source to provide luxury or liabilities such as cars, houses, and clothing’s. Actually, you make money when you buy and not when you sell. We buy such with money gotten from profit spill over. Therefore, you do not go for a loan and then invest it on liabilities.

Taking good care of oneself is pertinent by watching what we eat and drink, avoiding smoking and the likes else money gotten will be used to purchase drugs and we then become a liability to our own business.

Above all, we must ensure we train our children so that they do not destroy all we laboured for because it is very important we leave for them assets to serve as start up.

In summary, one must have a blueprint even for generations yet unborn to prevent them from toiling the same way we did. Although above all plans, we must ask for God’s grace for execution while we start planning with what we have because if we do not, we will never know how blessed we are until we do.

By planning even when they do not turn out as wished, we put ourselves in a better stead and have envisaged possibilities while preparing adequately. We should ask ourselves these questions: What do I do that I enjoy doing? What steps am I taking to achieve it? Just like an African proverb says: ‘happy is it for a man who goes hunting for a rat and comes back with an elephant.