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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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You are here: Home / THERE ARE STILL ANGELS.



In a world in its gloomiest and darkest hour with all shades of human parading the surface of the earth that have nothing but diabolical motives, which is a great conundrum. There appears to be angels sending out gleams that reassure.

Overtime, meeting these individuals at crucial moments in life has reaffirmed the belief that truly, there are angels sent out to us for every moment. There are some people who the only thing they do is the good they can even at their own detriment. These few enigmas have done humanity such favours that has often cost them more than they bargained for; yet, they do even more of it. It does not matter to them if you gore their eyes after rendering such remarkable life defining favours or you even not just bite the hand that feeds you but steal the while pot, it only motivates them to do more.

Sometimes, we question if they are pure angels in human skin because they effortlessly do the seemingly impossible sacrificing the unimaginable to total strangers just to ensure they are in better conditions even if it ensnares them.

A matron of a teaching hospital once told a story of a man who was ill had saved the life of another while he was groaning in pains. She said the man had witnessed how a fellow patient was at the verge of losing his life if they did not perform a particular surgery on him within a short period. Apparently, his people could not raise the money needed and he had heard them lamenting with fear after running from pillar to post to no avail. Hearing of this travail, he instructed that his chequebook be brought to him and he allegedly handed them a cheque running into million.

The saved man could however not show his sincere appreciation and feeling of indebtedness to his benefactor for the magnanimity shown him for while they took him to the surgical table, they willed the man to the morgue. All that came to mind was that the man must have been his angel put in that room for saving him.

There have been stories of people who picked vagrant individuals off the streets and house them, clothe them, feed them and even go as far as setting them up together with their family in a lucrative business. The impressive thing here is that they had just helped total strangers with no fear burdening the consequences bringing them into their own homes and sharing with them all they have just as if they had known them all their lives. Truly, such people are the God-sent for that situation.

Similarly, am sure we have all heard severally of those who abandon their own pressing issues just to save accident victims. Most astonishing are those who do not just save accident victims but save their valuable possessions while still footing their bills and once such victims are in a better state regaining consciousness, these angels disappear into thin air leaving no room for compensation. Rather than strip the victims of their possession and even bring about their death, they save them and even help restore their lives.

Some of us, our angels are our friends, wives or husbands who daily constantly standby us regardless of our travails and flaws, making us better individuals. They do far more than we might ever know; praying for us, sacrificing for us beyond measures, and sharing all they have even when we do not ask. Our friends or partners that happen to be our angels will go as far as giving us anything as long as it makes us happy. Once we are with them, we always know we have a shoulder to lean on. Sometimes, our parents are our angels as they constantly risk their lives for us so we find fulfilment. They even go as far as selling their assets all in a bid to encourage us pursue our dreams.
There are some who have been saved from the fatal fate of job severance by the word of testimony from an individual we might never know about just at the point of being of being disengaged from active service, they may have vouched for us and saved us from an impending certain disaster without our knowledge of it.

Infuriating strangers, customers, or random individuals who appear to delay us rather offensively from leaving a particular place or event to another have saved some from certain death or imminent destruction. It is inexplicable why they would come our way just to torment us and prevent us from arriving at our destination in due time only to find out upon arrival or departure that if not for such delay or inevitable lateness, we would have been victims of a massive destruction, which we may never recover from. We have heard of many people who testify they would have been neither on a plane that just crashed if nor for some stroke of luck of being stuck and from arriving promptly. Alternatively, of those who if not for intervening in a fiasco who have crossed to the other side of the road where they witness two heavy duty vehicles collide at that particular scene they would have stood at!

Effectively, there is always an angel for every moment and that there are people who still show that in an extremely cruel world where everyone seems only concerned by issues that affect them directly alone claiming to have too much on their plates; there are still angels who care about the welfare of others.

The problem however seems to be our unwillingness to see or accept the angel for every moment. Most times our angels come disguising exactly in the type of individuals we will detest. Whether clothed in rages or adorned in royal robes, let us be our neighbour’s angel, loving each other and everyone. We are all angels and at the end, every angel needs another angel for their own situation.

On a final note, there was a story of a man who employed his jobless wife’s brother; he was to travel, so he left the business in his care. Before his return, his brother in law had squandered all resources left in his care leaving only debts for assets. Rather than regret his action, he kept paying the brother in laws salary. He was to vacate his own house due to security reasons but had nowhere to go. He was narrating his story to his friend at a bar when a stranger heard of it and offered to give him a house in a choice reserved area.

It is not overemphasising to say that the angel we find is within. After all, what we sow, we reap!