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Pragmatic, reserved and a deep thinker who loves family, sports especially football where am married to two wives: the first, AC Milan who has my loyalty and the second wife, Manchester United who has all my undying love and pampering, lifestyle and society parties. Need I say the law is more than a profession but a lifestyle for me.

Adekanye Adeyinka Olajide.

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To travel means to go from one place to another over a long distance. Hence, a traveller is a person who is travelling or often travels.

Usually, when a person is about to embark on a journey, there are key things that are considered before one commences on that journey. In other words, there are plans for the journey. Before a journey is embarked upon, one would have decided clearly where to go, how long one will be away for, a carefully selected place to stay in, a carefully selected place to stay in, as well as adequate plans to care for ones needs. Above all, where a person is about to travel, most on our mind is the home we will come back to no matter how long that journey might take. However, we cannot overlook the capacity to be able to actually travel and the resources to cope with whatever the challenges that might arise where we are going.

Most times, the things we equip ourselves with are more germane than the journey itself. I recall watching a pageantry show sometimes back on TV and one of the contestants was asked “If you were to be taken to a desert and you are allowed to take only three things along, what would they be?” she replied she would need her bible, duvet and water bottle.

This is an individual with an understanding of what is required to survive in that environment; her submission could not have been more brilliant. We all know a desert is a sandy, hot, and dangerous place. Therefore, the most apposite materials are indeed a bible for God guidance and protection from the peril of the environment, water to prevent her from dying of thirst and a blanket to protect her from the horrendous heat of a scorching sun.

Haven said that, the question therefore is in all our various journeys across the face of the earth, which is the most pertinent, crucial, and purposeful journey on earth.

It can be said humbly that the most crucial journey of every human is that of the “JOURNEY OF LIFE.” Although to anyone else, this might substantially contradict beliefs and ideologies, but the race of living encapsulates every other journey we might put forward.

This journey is far more tedious and intricate than our usual planned journeys. Although it has rules and regulations proscribed too like we will find in other travel documents we apply for, it does not come with a specific manuscript. Similarly, unlike other journeys that usually have expiry stay dates, it is a little different although it has one as well; it is not particularly stated. In other words, it has no period for an elapsing time.

The candid truth is this is not home we only sojourn in life, home is the afterlife. Everyone is here to fulfil a particular purpose – whether we will do that depends on us realising the role we have to play – which will be accounted for in the end. Therefore, nothing that we have is truly ours; the life that we live is for others. Like every trip, the journey of life comes with different motives. Above all, our real purpose should be to please the one who IS, not us. After all, all we are in this world is strangers and visitors for everyone’s time will pass by.

What happens however is that many of us due to our misconceptions about life tend to have many principles to living because we all want to secure our own lives? We begin to have many fears: fear of losing the life we have, the job we cherish, the cars and houses we own, the beautiful wife and handsome husband that are lovely children, our fat bank accounts, and ours. These fears then push us into becoming desperate and subsequently, we commit all sorts of atrocities. We take a little more than we need and deprive those who should have rightfully enjoyed those excesses.

In this journey, it is not anything life can offer us that should be our major concern. The most compelling attribute to be as or accessory is our BEHAVIOUR, ATTITUDE, or CHARACTERISTICS. A man’s behaviour determines the level he can attain; our behaviour can bring us to ruins or to blessings. They remember us not for the money we gave, but the way we gave it. Through our behaviour, we can permanently leave an indelible mark on the lives of the ones we have passed through. There is a story of a man who had a terminal ailment and despite his prominence, his rich friends deserted him but then his slave who he did not seek help from gave him a solution that permanently cured him just because the master had always treated him well.

The beautiful thing about life journey is that what we sow we must reap. Recompensing for our actions or omissions is necessary. No matter how long it might take. For that reason, every human’s purpose is to make everything it contacts at every time better than before connection. Whatever happens to any human is not by their wit, might or virtue but time and chance happens to us all. Many earn stupendously yet have nothing to show for it just as the earth takes all the raindrops with no proof of such. Our behaviour puts us in better stead to take our chance when our time comes.

While travelling through the face of the earth, we realise all that counts are not the resources we have but the attitude innate in us, which like smoke reveals itself. In the world we live in, every man’s favour is not what he has in his capacity but that which he finds in his dealings, essentially determined by our characteristics that attract others to us.

If we only realise that all that we labour so vigorously for and run helter-skelter finding to give us that breakthrough will never satisfy us, after all the heart of a man is never satisfied just as the sea is not with the many waters. All we need is to build our behaviour such that that is all we take with us.

We must realise that we are truly a traveller of time in this space and nothing we do amounts to anything except for our relationship through our behaviours with people. No wonder the preacher said in his book that in all his wisdom, which is divine by the way, and in all his study of everything under the sun, all is vanity upon vanity except for that which we eat and drink and our behaviour.

As 2face said, even vanity is vanishing before our very eyes. Therefore as travellers, what do we carry along in this defining journey? Bearing in mind as Napoleon Bonaparte said; space we can recover, time never!