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You are here: Home / LET THE DEAD BURY THEIR DEAD!



Let me register my sincere condolence to the families of the bereaved; whose lives were cut short by the ill-fated plane crash, and in particular, the entire state over the shocking ephemeral passing away of Chief Olusegun Agagu, which still leaves me perturbed. Having watched him recently in a television interview where he was sound and passionate over his views. May his soul and that of others find eternal rest in God’s bosom?

That said the aftermath of his premature death and that of others involved; especially in such baffling circumstances leaves me discombobulated though with salient lessons to learn. Just in one incident involving the re-dying of Agagu and the death of numerous lives of others, we knew all that inherently are ingrained in our societal shambles. Through this terrible incident, the incompetence of our failing systems came into light once again, it is also conspicuous that there is no form of expertise across the board; that there are round pegs in square holes is not fallacious, and above all, there are no blueprints for governance in our country.

The aviation industry as always, again is in public scrutiny having been most battered over the last decade accounting more for the most cruel deaths suffered in this nation; maybe second to Boko Haram surge, to dastardly effect in the last three years leaving us with eighteen crashes in three years with close to ten since the Jonathan dispensation alone. It is however worthy of note to mention that late Agagu was once aviation minister under former president Olusegun Obasanjo, a time air disasters were rife.

In Nigeria, citizens are lambs of sacrifice for the irresponsibility of our leaders who represent us. What is more worrying however; the reactions of Nigerians to these are despicable custom of utter disregard for lives and properties alike. Rather than renegade against a failed government, with clueless policies and leaders that renege on all agreements made with the interests of citizens we find it jejune and adopt this unbearable style making it our credo. We resist the temptation of standing for our rights and withdraw into our shells as snails horns. We create a glittering fa├žade though behind it is squalor and poverty with broken hopes and aspirations. We are a hopelessly hopeful bunch of people who find comfort in believing that all is an act of God – a crass way of exhibiting miserable ignorance. The scripture is clear that God is not man that he should fail. Neither does he tempt nor capable of any evil. The evil that men do lies in their heart.

We are a people who will heartily celebrate with the dead when we cannot fathom our tomorrow. Our people will lend money out for burial and never for school fees. We go to the extreme to inconvenient ourselves just to attend other people’s events leaving our basic needs unmet but investing in the ceremonies of others. Our decisions always are on sentiments and a resolve to be satisfied with where we are rather than demand for a better assured tomorrow.

Many fail to take care of their aged leaving them to languish in penury but upon their death, the biggest party thrown in their honour and they adorn the dead with gold and clothes of value. A dead body is what it is: DEAD. Why serve the world sumptuous meals and deprive the dead while living that luxury. That is why Anglican priests condemn such children openly at their elaborate party for their dead abandoning them only to “communion” feast while they were alive!

Is it not distressing that in our usual habit, many affluent people chose to fly with the dead in honour of him yet losing their lives in the process? How ironical that even the dead body despite such fatal accident suffered no damages leaving the then living only as the sacrifices. More sardonically, the burial and interment services proceeded while the other families left to brood.

Could we not have read between the lines that things are gloomy and an impending doom looms? How could a plane take off and crash barely after two minutes? Even as non-professionals, it is only common sense to say that such plane was not air-worthy and that it was never in a good condition with either a mechanical or a technical fault. Yet our senile, unwitting minister for aviation, Stella-Oduah described the air accident as an inevitable one as well as an act of God. By this statement, she displayed a naivety, and incompetence that provokes anger. Even an insane person would not have advocated such views and a progressive, functioning system would have had such agent not only thrown out but also probed.

It is high time we became our own redemption. God will never come down to save us. Rather than keep digging holes to hide in, let us resist injustice. It could yet be anybody’s turn to be a victim of a perilous Nigeria. We should denounce all attempts to accept ill fate as an inevitable act of God. If it were, why has God not evenly shared this ineptitude across the globe? Neither is it an act of the devil; it is our own undoing. It is a tale too often of disasters that are preventable, avertable; and it cuts across all sphere of the nation. We must desist from hypocrisy, mediocrity, and be responsible for our own destiny.

Like Jesus said, ‘let the dead bury their dead…’ We should let those affected to bury their dead while we go on playing our part while we still live. All together, every man is a dead man living only awaiting a day we shall be no more. Even as the dead is living, let us strive to fight for a better way of life and leave our comfort zone. The truth is our roads will not get better, our students will not have a standard education, our airspace will not be safer, and our graduates will not gain employment. We will continually have more people sinking below the poverty line; injustice will prevail if we continue to blame God for our self inflicted problems or seek divinity for solutions within our capacity.

Our cowardly attitude must give way for the courage to do the right thing and we must resist all forms of subjugation; never allowing this society to repress, manipulate us. Else, Nigeria will bring every life to an abrupt pause and at the end; it would have been our fault. Let us take a stand and while we let the dead bury their dead, we the living dead pave way for a better future.